Big Ang Funeral

Big Ang Funeral- Karen Gravano Talks "Being Banned"


Earlier tonight we repotted that Mob Wives star Brittany Fogarty discussed how she was banned from attending Big Ang‘s funeral, which occurred earlier today. Now, Karen Gravano has spoken out to E! Online about rumors she was banned. What did she have to say?

Big Ang Funeral- Karen Gravano Talks “Being Banned”

Gravano dished to E! that she was never banned, and stated that, “The most important thing I want to say is that I was there to say goodbye to my friend.”

“Obviously, there is history there,” she continued. “But I was never banned. It was never, ‘You’re not allowed.’ It was about what would be the best timing and the most appropriate way.”

“My situation isn’t about my father, it isn’t about anyone else,” Gravano added. “It’s about paying respects to my friend. I wanted to say my goodbyes to Ang and pay respect to her and her family and an army couldn’t stop me.”

“I was just happy to be there,” she wrapped with saying. “Let people believe what they want to believe. I was there and I walked out holding her casket.

We definitely applaud Gravano for showing up, as we feel she should have been there.

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