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Big Ang Wake Details Revealed!

Wake Details Revealed!

Last week, Mob Wives fans everywhere were devastated to learn news that Big Ang had passed away. This past weekend, her wake was held over two days. Want details?

Big Ang Wake Details Revealed!

Big Ang Wake


According to details US Weekly obtained:

  • Neil Murphy, Ang’s husband who she had been having issues with, was present and among the first mourners to enter the wake. This makes sense, as we had previously reported the pair had made peace prior to Ang’s passing.
  • Renee GrazianoKaren Gravano, Carla Faccioloand Drita D’Avanzo were there.
  • Fans lined up outside and, according to US, waited over an hour to get to pay their respects.
  • Ann’s wake was an open casket. According to details from US, she was dressed in a “mink coat over a darker colored dress and wore a silk head wrap to cover her hair loss from chemotherapy.” She also donned grey painted nails.
  • There were also multiple floral arrangements honoring Ang, including one in the shape of a monkey (for her bar), a tequila-themed arrangement as that was her favorite drink, an arrangement hat looked like big red lips, an arrangement in the shape of a stiletto heel, and an arrangement that spelled out her name.

We will continue to keep you updated with more Big Ang stories throughout the day. We are told the funeral just ended, so we should have details soon.

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