Teen Mom OG Season 7

Teen Mom OG Already Taping New Season! Exclusive

They’re Back Already!

Teen Mom: OG is just wrapping up it’s sixth season tonight, but an insider has dished to us exclusively that the show has already begun taping it’s seventh season! Want details?

Teen Mom OG Season 7 Already Taping Exclusive

A source close to production told us that, “Filming has already begun for the seventh season of the show.”

Farrah‘s daughter, Sophia, celebrated her seventh birthday at High Five in Lakeway, Texas this weekend, and it was definitely a taped event,” they added.

The source also dished that, “All of the women on the show will be back for season seven.”

“MTV knows how successful this franchise and these ladies are,” the insider wrapped with telling us, “and as long as the fans continue to be captivated by them, they will continue to tell these women’s stories.”

We, for one, could not be more excited about this news.

As you can see in the photo, two of the producers from Teen Mom: OG are photographed with Farrah, her Mom, and daughter.

Tell us- are you surprised to hear Teen Mom: OG is already filming it’s new season? Sound off in the comments below.

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