Big Ang Death

Big Ang's Costars Think Mob Wives Should Stop Airing?

Cut The Tape?

Last week, Mob Wives star Big Ang tragically passed away after battling stage four brain and lung cancer. As fans of the show know, she has been dealing with her cancer situation on the currently airing season of the show. Tomorrow night, a new episode is set to air. According to a new Radar Online exclusive, though, her costars are arguing over this, as some do not feel the show should still be airing this week. Want details ?

Big Ang Death Mob Wives Should Stop Airing Say Costars

An insider told Radar that, “The next episode airs on Wednesday. But they really shouldn’t air it this week.”

“Ang’s death is the only thing the Mob Wives are thinking about right now,” the insider added.

“Ang was the show,” the insider wrapped with saying. “I just can’t believe it happened so fast,” the source said. “It’s so sad. She is going to be dearly missed.

Tell us- do you think Mob Wives should go on a hiatus, especially for this week? Sound off in the comments below.

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