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Tila Tequila Claims She Didn't Bash Big Ang's Death?

Say What?

The other night we were shocked when Tila Tequila commented on the passing of Big Ang with some extremely harsh comments. Now, in a bizarre twist, an update has been made to Tila’s Facebook page where she claims she didn’t make the comments. Read on to see what was posted.

Big Ang Death Tila Tequila I Didn’t Make Those Comments

On her Facebook, the following was posted:

“ATTENTION : To All Tila Followers , my name is Joe Bell and I am a Marketing Director. Last night I made an unethical, thoughtless decision to test Algorithms and Engagement on Tila Tequilas Page. During the ” BIG ANG ” post I WROTE THE CAPTION. More or less as a survey and question to have people interact with the post. I didnt think ahead at that moment and didnt realize the controversy id stir up with my irresponsible action. TILA TEQUILA DID NOT WRITE THE BIG ANG CAPTION. She had no idea it was there and had absolutely no involvement with the article nor caption on post. I was very much so reprimanded for my action and am highly apologetic to Ms Tila Tequila and also the Family , fans and friends of BIG ANG.”

While we’re not saying this didn’t happen, it definitely sounds a little suspect coming from someone who had previously praised Hitler.
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