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Teresa and Joe Uhappy At Home

The Silent Treatment?

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice arrived home from prison at the end of 2015. While she was obviously happy to be home, a new In Touch Weekly article claims things are not going so well at home. Want details?

Teresa and Joe Uhappy At Home

An insider told In Touch that since Teresa arrived home, her “and Joe have been so unhappy at home- they’re giving each other the hard silent treatment like never before.”

“Teresa came home to changed children because Joe could not handle parenting at all- it’s a nightmare at home,” the source added.

While Teresa was away, the insider detailed that, “Gia lost all respect for her father and stopped listening to him. Joe would run to the wine cellar to hid and get drunk alone so he didn’t have to deal with a disrespectful teenager. The younger girls watched Gia disrespect him, and they look up to her, so they followed her lead.”

“They’d gotten so used to doing whatever they wanted that Teresa had to lay down the law all over again when she got home,” the source added. “They listen to her and respect her- not Joe.”

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