Rob and Tara Radcliffe Newlyweds

Exclusive Interview with Tara and Rob Radcliffe from Newlyweds!


Exclusive Interview!

Rob and Tara Radcliffe stole our hearts the minute we met them on Bravo’s hit show, Newlyweds: The First Year. So far this season we’ve seen the couple deal with financial strain, family problems, and a huge age difference… but none of those things broke this couple down! Throughout everything, Rob and Tara always have a huge smile on their faces and their love for each other shines through! We sat down and spoke exclusively with the lovely couple where they shared their true feelings and set the record straight about some of the things that happened this season. Check out our interview with the Radcliffe’s below!

Rob and Tara Radcliffe Newlyweds Exclusive Interview

Q: What made you decide to put your first year of marriage out for the world to see on television?

Tara: “I think Rob and I came to a place where we realized that this is such a unique experience that not many people get to have. We thought it would be cool to look back on our 1 year together and see everything we’ve gone through.”


Q: What was each of your favorite parts of your wedding day?

Rob: “My favorite by far was the ceremony! I didn’t notice the camera’s, I didn’t notice the guests, and I didn’t even notice the officiant there… all I was focusing on was Tara standing in front of me and how much I love her. That’s exactly how I was feeling.

Tara: “For me, it was obviously the ceremony… but I think the day was a little messed up for me. Even though a lot of the things didn’t go the way I thought I was gonna go, that ceremony made up for it.”


Q: At your wedding, what were your thoughts when the burlesque dancers came out? Do you laugh about it now?

Tara: “I know both of us were extremely uncomfortable. What made it uncomfortable was everyone in the room… everyone’s faces were just like how it was shown on the show, if not worse! There was an awkward silence and nobody was into it, which made the whole thing more uncomfortable. With the lighting that was up for production, it just ruined the whole mood.”

Rob: “It was very surreal when it was happening. Neither Tara or I asked them to give us a performance before, which obviously in hindsight was a huge mistake… but when you’re juggling so much with the wedding and they had offered to do a different type of performance for us, we said sure. I was expecting like a classy burlesque sort of dance, that everyone would enjoy. Adding to it was that their CD was skipping, and it was a lip sync performance… they were trying to lip sync to a CD that was skipping. So, that’s where a lot of those looks were coming from on the show… because everyone was so embarrassed for them.”


Q: Tara, can you explain what was going through your head before you were going to the airport to go on your honeymoon?

Tara: “What people don’t know is that I have flown before! I’ve been to Fiji, which are long flights. It was just that one incident… I had a crazy panic attack. For me, because I do have an anxiety disorder… i’m constantly anxious. Since I already have a fear of flying, it just amplified my anxiety. The trip was supposed to happen pretty close to the wedding, and there was all this stress from the wedding not going the way I wanted, and obviously everything with the family… I just had a breakdown. When you have the anxiety that just takes over you, you’re in a paralyzed state of fear and nobody understands how that feels unless you’ve gone through it. I seriously wish I would have gone. I still regret not going.  ”

Q: Rob, what were you feeling after not being able to go on your big honeymoon like you had planned?

Rob: “It made me work on compassion. Clearly I know that Tara wasn’t purposely having an anxiety attack and that’s what I had to constantly remind myself. Although, of course there was another side of me that was agitated because of having everything set up and the trip being planned.”
Q: Tara, what was your feelings about “coming-out” on national television? and Rob, what was/is your feelings?

Tara: “Here’s the thing, this has been a part of me for so many years. As long as I can possibly remember, i’ve always been attracted to women. I’ve always been ashamed of being attracted to women because of my culture. It’s something that’s shunned upon and like a tabu because women aren’t bi. Also, unfortunately being gay in a persian culture is a controversy itself. So, especially for me it was really hard deciding to come out with that on the show, but i’m in a place in my life where i’m not going to hide any part of me anymore. I want to be open about my life and not be scared to show that part of me anymore. I think if you’re attracted to someone, whether a female or a male, you should explore that love with that person. It’s definitely been hard, especially with my family and everything since everything’s come out, but I know that one day they’ll come around, and things will be OK. I’m just happy that I was able to express that side of me.”

Q: Tara, how did the tension between your family & Rob begin?

Tara: “I think it obviously started from the beginning of my relationship with Rob. Ever since I brought Rob over to my sister’s house for the first Thanksgiving that we all had together, I feel like there has been a lot unresolved tension. It was hard for my family to come into a full acceptance at first because I had recently been married and now divorced and in a relationship with another guy… It was difficult for them to understand.”
Q: Tara, how did you feel seeing your parents upset about not being able to spend as much time with you?

Tara: “It always breaks my heart when I see them upset… One part of me feels awful and I get a tremendous amount of guilt, and another part of me feels strong because I am able to set my boundaries with them… Middle Eastern families are very dramatic so I try not to let all their emotions get to me. I love them with all my heart but I want to go visit them because I miss them not because I feel the guilt that they may be putting me through.”

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