Big Ang Death

Drita Not Watching Mob Wives After Big Ang's Death

Not Tuning In!

A week ago, we sadly reported that Mob Wives star Big Ang had passed away from cancer. In the wake of this news, Radar Online exclusively caught up with Drita D’Avanzo, who revealed she is not tuning into Mob Wives in the wake of Ang’s death. Want details?

Big Ang Death Drita Not Watching Mob Wives

D’Avanzo told Radar that, “I will watch it when I am ready, but right now I don’t care.”

The last thing I care about is drama between the girls,” she added.

D’Avanzo further explained her reasons for not tuning in right now, stating that, “I’m grieving. She was very good to me. We would laugh and talk on the side of the filming. I’m devastated.”

“My husband knows how much I loved Ang, and he’s supporting me,” she continued. “This was so traumatic, I can’t wrap my head around it.”

I could never watch the scene again when Ang told me she had cancer,” she added. “That was so sad. It makes me cry.”

“I am not ready to watch it yet,” she expounded. “Obviously I will eventually, but I am going through it. It’s a really hard time.”

D’Avanzo wrapped with telling Radar that, “I’m not watching it tonight: I don’t care if every Mob Wife in the world were cursing me out—I don’t care what anyone was saying. I am just very sensitive to seeing Ang. So I’m not being able to watch it.”

We definitely understand why D’Avanzo cannot watch right now, as this is a hard time.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Ang’s family and friends.

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