Mob Wives Returning

Mob Wives Returning After Cancellation? Exclusive

Mob Wives Returning?

Although season six of Mob Wives was announced to be it’s last season, we have exclusively learned that in the wake of Big Ang‘s unfortunate passing, the show may not be ending. Want details?

Mob Wives Returning After Cancellation? Exclusive

A source close to production told us that, “With Ang passing away, there have definitely been more conversations about continuing the show.”

“Production knows that fans of the show will be interested to see how these women move on in the wake of their beloved friend dying,” the insider explained.

“Even if VH1 ends up not renewing the show, other networks will certainly be interested,” the source added.

The insider wrapped with telling us that, “Right now, Big Ang’s death is still major news, and all eyes are on Mob Wives. Do not be surprised if it is announced that the show is returning.”

Tell us- do you think Mob Wives will be returning? Would you want to watch it still? Sound off in the comments below.

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