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James Kennedy- I Stand By Me Being The White Kanye Exclusive

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Earlier today, we got the opportunity to talk to Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy. In our conversation, he talked about Lala Kent‘s unexpected return to Watch What Happens Live earlier this week, why he feels he is the “white Kanye” and more.

James Kennedy White Kanye Exclusive Interview

When asked for his reaction to Kent being invited back to WWHL while he wasn’t, Kennedy told us that, “When I first heard about Lala getting on Watch What Happens Live, I must say I was a little confused as to why she was invited back and I wasn’t.”

I thought she was given another chance and I wasn’t and that made me feel very uncomfortable and on edge about the whole situation,” Kennedy continued. “However after I saw how great she looked and after how great she made her come back from the last time I was very proud and happy for her.”

“I also was kind of excited about having my very own cut out by the bar, (as I) thought that was hilarious!” he added. “Lala and I are close friends that definitely have a soft spot for one another regardless of what was said this past season.”

Kennedy then addressed his previous comment that he was the “white Kanye” which he stands by, telling us that, “I’ve been a Kanye West fan since the day I first heard his music. I’ve understood his music and more so have appreciated his production as a music producer from the samples he uses to the bass sounds for melody.”

Some people get angry at the fact that I said I’m the ‘white Kanye West,'” Kennedy continued, “however I stand my ground, and here’s why. Kanye as a person never doubted himself. If you go to some of his earliest interviews he is the same Kanye that we see today. Before he had anything he was the same Kanye we see today”

I think I’m like him in the sense that I explore sound I want to create something nobody has ever heard or seen before and I have nothing stopping me, the only thing that could possibly stop me is myself,” Kennedy elaborated. “Life is what you make it and I respect what he has made for himself, not to mention I do make some fire music in the studio regardless of what the haters want to say. I know I do.”

“The only thing Kanye West and I don’t have in common is that I don’t mind the paparazzi,” Kennedy wrapped with telling us.

Kennedy also shared a remix of “Fade” from West’s latest album, telling us that, “It’s a more trap take that can bump in all clubs and raves so go catch it on my soundcloud.com/jameskennedymusic.”

“Also,” he added, “be expecting my next track ‘Feeling You’ featuring Lala Kent soon! Cheers!

Check out a remix from Kennedy below:


We appreciate Kennedy talking with us and look forward to seeing the rest of this season of Vanderpump Rules continue to unfold.

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