Heather Marianna Tour Group

Heather Marianna Tour Group Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview!

In January 2015, we heard the exciting news that Bravo TV had announced it’s new reality TV series, “Tour Group,” which features 11 soul-searching strangers jet setting to exotic countries around the world together. Featured on the show is acclaimed beauty expert, Heather Marianna. This Vegas girl was open and ready for any new experiences to come her way. Check out our exclusive interview with Heather, where she dishes on the dramatic and crazy season ahead!

Heather Marianna Tour Group Exclusive Interview

Q: How did you become a part of this amazing new show? It looks like such an amazing and unique experience!
A: “When I heard about the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations around the world for 6 weeks I was immediately hooked!  I knew it would be incredibly hard to leave Beauty Kitchen, my all-natural skincare company, because I’m such a workaholic by nature but I knew I couldn’t pass this down plus it would give me a chance to learn some hidden beauty secrets from all over the world and who could ever say no to that?”
Q: Were you excited to be doing this amazing experience along side your bestfriend, Amy?
A: “I was definitely excited to have Amy along for the ride and it was quite a ride at that. Our friendship was  tested on the trip but you’ll have to watch the show to see what happens!”
Q: So you’re engaged for the 13th time, from what I understand. What concerns you about settling down with a man?
A: “I am very independent and I can be very bossy.  I can be very dominate in general and it takes a special type of person to get me to settle down. I’m usually the man in the relationship. What a surprise. LOL.”

Q: What kinds of things can viewers expect with Tour Group

A: “A perfect trip with everyone getting along, just kidding! Besides viewers getting to experience traveling the world vicariously through all of us, there is a ton of shade being thrown!  Everybody was completely out of their element and comfort zone.  It was definitely an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ type of journey mixed with a lot of drama and of course strong personalities.”

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Youtube: @HeatherMarianna

Heather’s Website: www.heathermarianna.tv

Catch “Tour Group,” Tuesday’s at 10/9c on Bravo! 

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