Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle's X-Rated Texts To Minors Unveiled!

So Sick!

Jared Fogle, who gained notoriety for losing weight eating Subway and being their spokesperson, pled guilty last year to having child pornography in his possession and traveling to have sex with minors. Today, Radar Online obtained court hearing transcripts where Fogle’s disturbing and graphic texts between himself and his minor prostitutes were unveiled. Read on for the disturbing details.

Jared Fogle’s X-Rated Texts To Minors Unveiled!

Here are a sampling of the disturbing texts Fogle sent:

  • To an 18 year old prostitute from Las Vegas, Nevada, Fogle texted the following in 2011: “I’m horny again. Is your Asian friend available? I can pay you a little finder’s free. I’ll pay you big for a 14 or 15-year-old.”
  • He then texted again a few days later, saying, “Did you find me some young girls or boys? If they can prove their age….and you get me 16 or below, I’ll give you $400 at least.”
  • “I love big tits, but I realize if they are younger that’s hard to find,” he added to this woman in another text.
  • In 2012, he asked another prostitute in Kansas, “Do you have access to any young girls? Like 15 or 16. It’s what I crave! I would hook you up nicely if you did.”
  • Upon hearing the woman in Kansas had a 15 year old cousin, he said, “What grade is she in? I wanted bareback like with you.”
  • In 2012, he texted a minor prostitute in New York City, “The younger the better! LOL!”
  • He texted the same person, saying, “Any luck finding me a young girl too? I will really…make it worth your while if you can. Girl or guy actually would be fine.”
  • To the same underage prostitute, he wrote, “I can’t wait to see you again! Are you still growing your bush out?”

Fogle is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence, with a minimum of 13 years required.

Personally, we feel he should be locked away for LIFE. This is sick, disgusting, and extremely disturbing.

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