Brandi Glanville New Show

Brandi Glanville Ready To Show Softer Side Exclusive

A Softer Side!

Brandi Glanville, who shot to stardom on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is getting ready for the premiere of her new show, Famously Single, which should begin airing sometime next month. We exclusively caught up with Glanville to talk about her new show. What did she have to tell us? Find out here.

Brandi Glanville New Show Softer Side Exclusive

When asked how she got involved with her new show, Glanville told us, “I’ve always wanted to work with the E network because I watch all the shows on it, so when they asked me to sign on to this show I jumped at the opportunity. I plan on working with them again very soon.”

It was refreshing working with new people that weren’t interested in starting drama just for the sake of starting drama,” Glanville continued, speaking about her new castmates. “That said there was drama but it was genuine and real. I really ended up making some great friends that I will always stay in contact with.”

We were curious to know what the premise of her new show is, so Glanville explained that, “The show was 8 people- 4 guys and 4 girls who are all in the public eye and have all been single for quite sometime. We moved into a house together with cameras 24/7 and did a lot of dating experiments and self exploration as to why we were single with the help of an amazing therapist and 2 awesome dating coaches.”

My experience on this show was completely different from my RHOBH experience,” Glanville continued. “I was there to work on myself and get to know 7 other people on a deeper level it wasn’t all diamonds rose and unnecessary drama. It was definitely a show where you get to know another side of me. Im hoping a more well rounded side.”

Fans needn’t worry the Brandi they love will be gone, though, as Glanville said that, “I’m definitely still very outspoken and you will see some sassiness of course but after the drama settles Im hoping people get to know a different softer side of me, but in true Brandi form I just can’t seem to not speak my truth wether people want to hear it or not.”

Glanville also gave us a teaser of what we can expect to see on the show, detailing that, “I definitely let my guard down and got in touch with my vulnerable side for the first time in a long time with the help of a very handsome sparkly eyed brit. I learned that butterflies are possible again something I thought I would never find after my marriage.”

“So I left there with hope that I will find love again,” she continued, “and if a certain person lived in LA who knows what would have happened. I learned that I deserve to be treated with respect I learned what I want and need and most importantly what I don’t want and won’t put up with.You will have to watch and see all the sparks fly.”

We are definitely excited to see Glanville’s new show, which definitely won’t be her last as she told us another project is already in the works!

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