RHONJ Cast Trip Fight

RHONJ Cast Trip Fight- Robyn Threatened Jacqueline Exclusive

Exclusive Details!

Less than an hour ago, we revealed that there was a major fight that occurred on the cast trip for the Real Housewives of New Jersey so bad that legal got involved. Now we have exclusively learned what happened. Read on for details.

RHONJ Cast Trip Fight- Robyn Threatened Jacqueline Exclusive

We have exclusively learned from a production insider that, “Robyn Levy tried to make a scene for herself to try to be a full time Housewife.”

“In order to do this, she attempted to pick a huge fight with Jacqueline Laurita over Rosie Pierri,” the source continued. We already reported that Levy had tried picking a fight with Pierri almost two weeks ago at a book signing of Teresas.

When Robyn tried to pick a fight, the insider dished that, “Jacqueline laughed her off in her face as she was extremely perceptive that Robyn was desperate for air time. This only enraged Robyn more.”

Rather than continuing a verbal spat, the source dished that, “Robyn made threats to Jacqueline, threatening physical harm against her.”

“Due to this,” the insider wrapped with telling us, “Bravo had her and her wife, Christina Flores, removed from the cast trip. They will not tolerate violent threats being made. In addition, due to her actions, Robyn has completely lost any chance she had at being a full time cast member.”

We will keep you posted on any other details we hear.

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