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Why Bravo Sent Robyn Levy Home Exclusive

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Yesterday, we covered a report that there were major fireworks at a cast trip for season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. While we exclusively found out what went on– and exclusively confirmed Jacqueline Laurita was not asked to leave the trip– we now have more information on why Robyn Levy ended up being sent packing. Want details?

Robyn Levy RHONJ Cast Trip Sent Home Reasons Exclusive

According to an insider close to production that we spoke to, we learned that, “Once the threat against Jacqueline was made, Bravo’s legal department decided she needed to go.”

“This decision was not made lightly,” the source continued. “Production was well aware that Robyn and her wife were arrested for fighting back in 2014. In addition, Jacqueline is known to not back down in fights. This was a bad combination and they did not want to see what would happen if they left the two women together, as a potential serious situation could have arisen.”

“However,” the insider added, “it should be noted that Jacqueline was not responsible for Robyn’s departure, and even told production that Robyn should stay and she would go home; however, due to Jacqueline being a principal cast member, production wanted her there.”

We will continue  to keep you posted if more details from this crazy trip arise.

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