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Why Bravo's Tour Group Is Going MIA Exclusive


Bravo’s new show, Tour Group premiered two weeks ago on March 1st and sucked viewers in with all of the drama and the beautiful travel destinations that the show documented. The third episode of the series was supposed to air tonight following The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but in a shocking twist, the show is taking a two month hiatus and will be returning on May 10th following the new season of Below Deck Mediterranean. Fans of the show and Bravo viewers in general have been wondering what is going on and what the cast’s thoughts are about this. The good news is that we have the answers!

Bravo’s Tour Group Revamping For May Launch

Since the cast announced on social media yesterday that the show would be taking a hiatus, fans of the show have been speculating as to why the show was really taking a break. An insider close to the show exclusively revealed to us that, “Production feels that the love triangle between Jared and the twins is artificial and boring. They want to relaunch the show with some real drama, specifically the feud of long-time BFF’s Heather and Amy, which will be the main storyline when the show returns. This reboot will give the show the boost that it needs.”

We wanted to reach out to some of the cast members to get their opinion on the show taking a little break. CEO of Beauty Kitchen and cast member on the show Heather Marianna shared her excitement with us about the show getting revamped.“I am very excited for this! Trust me, this is a great move for the show. I have done TV many times for Beauty Kitchen and other reality show appearances, so I know how to trust the process. Bravo TV knows what they are doing… network’s know what is best for the cast and the show. The first two episodes were a little boring… I’m excited for the real stories to be told. I really think episode three is going to jump start it! It’s where the drama begins in Kenya so stay tuned. The audience and Bravo junkies are going to love it!!”

Heather’s BFF/fellow castmember Michelle Harvey, shares the same excitement stating, “I think it’s a much better idea for Tour Group to follow the premiere of this season of Below Deck. It’s a very popular travel based show, which is a conductive theme with our show. I’m glad Bravo decided to make this switch!”

Unfortunately, not all of the cast members were as eager and excited to see the show making some changes. Misty Kingma shared with us that, “Tour Group episodes being postponed is confusing and disheartening. I sure hope the Bravo audience doesn’t feel the same.”

We love the show and are sad to see it taking a hiatus, but we’re excited for the show to return in May! 

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