Kim Fields RHOA Return

Kim Fields Acted Entitled Behind Scenes On RHOA Exclusive


This morning, we reported that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Fields announced that she was leaving the show yesterday after only being on it for one season. Now, we have spoken to an insider who described how Fields acted behind the scenes on the show- and how it may have added fuel to the fire in terms of how some of her costars felt about her. Read on for details.

Kim Fields RHOA Acted Entitled Exclusive

According to a source close to production, we exclusively were told that during filming “Kim acted extremely entitled because of who she is work-wise.” 

“By acting in this manner,” the insider added, “it didn’t help her on the show and the way that some of the women perceived her.”

While we wouldn’t have known ourselves if Fields was acting “entitled,” the way she acted that we saw on the camera definitely was a manner that seemed to have no interest in partaking in anything regarding these women.

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