Brandi Glanville RHOBH Return

Brandi Glanville 'Shocked' By Munchausen Accusation!


Last night, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills welcomed back star Brandi Glanville and, in our opinion, the show was better with here there. Glanville took to her Bravo blog today to address her stint in the episode and had some interesting things to share. Read on to see what she said.

Brandi Glanville RHOBH Return Shocked By Munchausen

On Yolanda Hadid telling Glanville the women were accusing her of not really being sick, Glanville wrote, ” I was more than surprised–I was actually shocked when Yo told me about the Munchausen’s  accusations. Yolanda has been fighting this illness for years, and there has never been a question that she could possibly not be sick–that is until both Kim and myself left this group.”

“These women were just looking for an easy target and always need someone to pick on so that they don’t have to deal with their own shit,” Glanville continued. “The treatment of Yolanda this season has been deplorable, and these women should be ashamed of themselves. The only REAL friend to Yolanda in this group has been Erika, and I’m thankful she has been around.”

” Obviously I’ve been watching this season of RHOBH because for the past four and a half years these women and this show were a huge part of my life,” Glanville elaborated. “I would be lying if I said part of me didn’t miss some of them a little bit, but at the same time I really needed a break from the drama.”

“While watching the show, there have been moments where I have literally wanted to jump through my TV screen and wring a few necks,” she added. “Thank God I wasn’t there or I might have landed myself in jail! Instead I just took it to twitter and got my aggressions out through social media. I was always aware of what was happening during shooting because of my close friendship with Yolanda and Kim but watching it unfold on national TV took my frustrations to a new level.”

“Beverly Hills is a small town, and I run into some of these women more than I would like, but I’m always cordial and either smile or if I’m with my children I say hello as to not act like, well…a child,” Glanville wrapped with saying.

We would love to see Glanville return next season as a full time cast member to the show, as we think her wit is definitely missed.

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