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Gigi Hadid Embarrassed By Yolanda?

Don’t Tell, Mama!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid has had quite the tough season with bringing her battle with lyme disease to the forefront and in watching the end of her marriage to David Foster. Now, according to a new report in OK! Magazine, Yolanda will have to add another issue to her plate- her daughter, Gigi Hadid, being embarrassed by her! Want details?

Gigi Hadid Yolanda Hadid Embarrassing Me

According to the report in OK!, Gigi is less than happy with her Mother talking about private family matters on TV. 

An insider dished that Gigi feels her Mom sharing this stuff is “so undignified.” 

“She loves her Mom,” the source continued, “but she’s embarrassed by the things she’s saying. She’s told Yolanda she should focus on the good stuff instead.”

“She thinks Yolanda is hurting her brand by oversharing,” the insider wrapped with saying. “And Yolanda, who’s very sensitive, is really hurt.”

Tell us- do you think Yolanda is hurting Gigi’s brand? Sound off in the comments below.

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