Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Separated


For a while now there have been rumors and speculation about the state of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey‘s marriage to Peter Thomas. This morning, a new TMZ report was released claiming that the pair are currently separated. Read on for details.

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Separated

According to a source TMZ spoke to, Cynthia and Peter are separated and living apart. The story details that Cynthia is living in their home in Atlanta while Peter is living in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The source who spoke to TMZ also detailed that their issues aren’t over alleged cheating rumors, but rather about the Housewives

The insider went on to explain that (allegedly) Peter doesn’t want to do the show anymore because he feels it is creating issues in their marriage.

The source also added that no paperwork has been filed for divorce but that is coming soon.

We reached out to Cynthia but, as of now, were unable to confirm anything; however, we did talk to her about her marriage earlier this year.

It should be noted that Peter living in Charlotte wouldn’t be surprising, as he does own a restaurant/bar there.

We will keep you updated if anything is confirmed or further details are released.

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