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Katie Rost- Gizelle and Robyn Are Race Obsessed Bullies Exclusive

Race Obsessed Bullies?

Recently, we spoke to Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon about this past week’s episode, specifically where comments were made by Katie Rost about her being biracial. Today, we exclusively spoke to Rost, who dished that she feels Dixon and costar Gizelle Bryant are race obsessed bullies! Read on for details.

Katie Rost- Gizelle and Robyn Are Race Obsessed Bullies Exclusive

“I was frustrated,” Rost told us of the situation we witnessed where race came up. “I feel like they were race obsessed bullies about race and about basically making very judgemental assumptions about what my life has been like based on the color of my skin.”

“I was annoyed and frustrated by their very limited way of looking at the world,” Rost continued. “They are race obsessed. They completely disrespect half of my family on a regular basis and everyone seems to think that’s funny or cool.”

“It breaks my heart,” Rost added. ”

I love all people and really feel like I can connect with being BOTH black and white, but people like them keep it like the main issue all the time.”

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