Leah Messer Custody

See Leah Messer Lose Custody In Leaked Clip

Sad Clip!

A while back, we reported that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer had lost primary custody of her twins with Corey Simms and the current season of the show that is airing is depicting what happened then. On this week’s episode, fans will get to see when Messer found out about this. Read on to see the clip and get details.

Leah Messer Custody Lost In Clip

In the clip below, Messer’s lawyer tells her that, “I wanted to go over the order that we got with you. There are certain things about it that I don’t think are right – the custodial parent. The judge said that the custodial responsibility had been flipped to the father.

Want to see what else is discussed? Watch the clip:

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