Jacqueline Laurita Envy Fashion Show

Why Jacqueline Didn’t Show Up To Film Last Night Exclusive

No Show!

Last night, Real Housewives of New Jersey taped Melissa Gorga‘s first Envy fashion show. While all of the cast was invited, we can confirm that Jacqueline Laurita did not show up. While we already exclusively confirmed rumors of her being fired due to this were bogus, we can dish more exclusively on why she didn’t show up. Read on for details.

Jacqueline Laurita Envy Fashion Show Didn’t Attend Exclusive

An insider close to the situation dished that, “Jacqueline had n intention of going, even though this was rumored to be the finale, as Melissa and her are not friends.”

“She felt it would be fake and stupid for her to show up and supports Melissa when they are not friends,” the source continued.

Another source detailed that, “Producers were trying to convince her to come all day long; however, Jacqueline stood her ground and refused to come.”

The first source also confirmed that, “Dolores‘s housewarming party was also considered for the finale, but Teresa bailed and did not attend that one.”

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