Jenelle and Barbara

Jenelle and Barbara Fight When She Meets David

An Argument Erupts!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been dating new beau David Eason for some time now. In the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2 that will air next Monday, we will get to see David meet Jenelle’s Mom, Barbara Evans. Upon meeting David, Barbara and Jenelle get into an argument. Want details?

Jenelle and Barbara Fight When She Meets David

When Jenelle walks in with David, he is nice and gives Barbara a big hug hello.

Barbara then comments on how it’s getting serious and Jenelle is generous- to everyone but her.

While this could lead to an argument in and of itself, Barbara then brings up how she wants Jace– Jenelle’s oldest son who she has custody of-  to come away with her for Christmas, rather than stay with Jenelle.

This leads to an argument which we will have to wait until Tuesday to see the end result of.

Below, you can watch the preview MTV has issued:


Tell us- whose side are you on in this argument? Sound off in the comments below.

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