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Jeremy Calvert Slams Reality TV In Explosive Post

Explosive Post!

Jeremy Calvert, the second ex husband of Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer and father of her third child, has had enough of reality TV, editing, ad more as he has made clear in a new Instagram post. What do we mean?

Jeremy Calvert Slams Reality TV In Explosive Post

Calvert took to Instagram and wrote, “Okay people I’ve had enough, yes me and Leah did not work out no happy ending, plenty of people get divorced, things happened in our marriage that we didn’t discuss on camera due to the fact why make more drama for the show ad for our child so we didn’t period.”

“People are ate up with the bullshit in reality TV,” he continued, ‘but guess what it’s not all true, I know that just blew most of your minds.”

“But they have a huge crew of people who edit the shit out of the footage,” he added. “I’m tired of posted a simple picture and people thinking it’s in regards to my x in REALITY it isn’t.”

He wrapped with saying, “So if u wanna bring drama to my page please hit the unfollow button and even block me idc I’ll sleep just fine tonight thanks. Please grow the hell up.”

Here is a copy of his post:

Jeremy Calvert

Tell us- what do you think about what Calvert said? Are you surprised? Sound off in the comments below.

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