Apollo Nida Prison

Apollo Nida Moved To Maximum Security!

Breaking The Rules!

Apollo Nida, the soon to be ex-husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks has been in prison for some time now; however, there was some bad news for Nida that broke today. Radar Online is reporting that Nida has been moved from the Fort Dix camp where he was residing to their maximum security area after violating the law behind bars. What did he do? Read on for details.

Apollo Nida Prison Moved To Maximum Security

According to a prison insider Radar spoke to, in February Nida was caught with a cell phone behind bars- which is a MAJOR prison NO NO. He was using this phone to “call friends and family.”

The source specifically told Radar that, “The prison staff took Apollo’s violation very seriously. He was taken out of camp with the general population and placed in maximum security.”

While the insider did specify Phaedra is not being questioned, they did say that, “Apollo is not well-liked among the other prisoners because he thinks he’s still a famous reality star. He wanted special treatment, and had a hard time adjusting to prison life.”

They also revealed that now that he is in maximum security, when visitors come- including his sons- they will have to “receive a full body scan.”

Tell us- are you surprised Nida violated the rules behind bars? Sound off in the comments below.

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