Johnny The Greek Lawsuit

Johnny The Greek Talks Settled Lawsuit, Impending War Exclusive

Exclusive Comment!

Two days ago, reported that the lawsuit filed by Johnny Karagiorgis (AKA Johnny The Greek), who appeared with his wife Penny Drossos on season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey had been settled. Earlier today, we spoke with Karagiorgis to get his reaction to the settlement. What did he tell us?

Johnny The Greek Lawsuit Settled Impending War Exclusive

“The settlement is over and due to the confidentiality agreement signed I cannot discuss the settlement,” Johnny exclusively told us. “What I can say is that it might be settled and it’s simply a battle that has been settled, but the war is not over.”

“This truly is not news anyway,” Johnny added. “This is reality TV. People need to get their priorities straight. There’s more important things going on in this country and in the world then to worry about some reality TV lawsuit being settled. We have a successful businessman who is running for President as well as an alleged  criminal, as socialist, and a preacher running for President. Let’s concentrate on that news of today, not the ‘reality news’ of yesterday. Go Trump 2016!”
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