MAFS The First Year Season 3 Episode 4

Sam Role Talks MAFS The First Year Season 3 Episode 4 Exclusive

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Sam Role from Married At First Sight has been blogging Married At First Sight: The First Year and Bride and Prejudice. Here is her blog about Married At First Sight: The First Year season 3 episode 4 below.

MAFS The First Year Season 3 Episode 4 Sam Role Exclusive

Neph & Jasmine
As we all saw last week, Neph surprised Jasmine with a new home purchase. While Neph and Jasmine are on a double date with Jason and Cortney, Neph tells everyone about their new home. Jason and Cortney congratulate them and begin asking questions that most friends would ask! When Jasmine expresses that she wasn’t really a part of the home purchase, you can see the disappointment on her face. I get it girl! Neph explains that his mother gave him her approval, and if she was OK with it, then he felt that it was OK. While I could see why his mother’s approval would comfort Neph and make him feel like he was doing the right thing— Like I said before, doing it as a couple is such a fun and amazing part of being in a serious and committed relationship. But that could also just be my point of view on it!
Jason also explains that when you find a good house in your price range, in New York, that you need to jump on it because it will go quick. I can totally see that. New York isn’t cheap in any way and there are so many people living there, that the market for buying a home can be small when it comes to getting it with all the criteria you’re looking for- especially price! When I purchased my home in Atlanta, it was at such a good price that as soon as I saw it online, I drove over as soon as I could and I was only there for an hour when I wrote a check to hold the property. I knew that it would’ve been scooped up! It all happened so fast.
Anyway, Cortney asks if Jasmine’s name is on the mortgage and Neph explains that it will only be in his name. Cortney says that if she were Jasmine that she would’ve been upset. I know I would’ve been as well. When Neph explains, he says that the home purchase was more for him, but living there is for them. I don’t think Neph meant that in a negative way at all, it just may have hurt Jasmine to hear. I would’ve wanted to be a part of the whole process, but I know that Neph’s heart and intentions were in the right place. At the end of the day, that’s what really matters.


Doug & Jamie
From what we saw last week, we know that Jamie and Doug have been going through a little rough patch. Doug and Jamie invite Doug’s parents over for a home-cooked dinner, and they show up with their brand new puppy! It’s so cute!! Doug’s dad mentions that he’s looking for a grandbaby though! He wants to be a grandpa. I love Doug’s parents. They are so sweet and so kind. Jamie says they are the perfect in-laws and I can see why she says that. They are so warm and so friendly and I could see them really making Jamie feel like a part of the family. When Doug’s parents bring over the new pup, Jamie says that she wants another puppy to join her and Doug’s little family. I think it’s kind of a bonding experience to own something as a couple— especially a puppy— but it turns out that Doug is reluctant to getting one.
As the episode progresses, Doug is still feeling a little upset that Jamie hasn’t made an appointment to meet with a therapist…or has she?! Jamie asks Doug to help her dye her hair and Doug agrees to help her. Jamie says that this is a way for her to show that she trusts Doug and I completely agree! I feel like I would’ve been so anxious letting anyone (including my husband) who isn’t in a salon, dye my hair. While Doug is being an awesome husband and helping his beautiful wife dye her hair, Jamie lets him know that she has, in fact, scheduled an appointment to see a therapist. Jamie really values the conversation she had with Doug’s mom about speaking to a therapist and I think this puts a little ease in Jamie’s mind that it won’t be as uncomfortable as it sounds. I think it’s so wonderful how Jamie was able to open up to Doug’s mom and get that kind of advice from her. This family really has an amazing bond!
Jamie meets with the therapist and she slowly opens up. I have to give Mrs. Jamie kudos. I’m so proud of her! Jamie really gave it her all when she was speaking with Dr. Lopps. Doug, then, decides to take Jamie to brunch to discuss the session and to let her know that it means a lot to him that she went. This conversation made me melt! Jamie is nervous about speaking with a therapist and she doesn’t want to relive the past events she’s gone through. Doug tells her that it’s not reliving, but more understanding that it happened.  He explained it’s the past, but it needs to be discussed to improve the future for them. So sweet!  Jamie agrees and then asks if he can see her being his wife forever and, without skipping a beat, Doug quickly replies with a “Yes, I really can.”  You can see how good Doug’s words make Jamie feel. These two may have had some hiccups over the past few days, but they really truly love each other and I think that they are going to have an amazing long-lasting relationship!
Jamie thanks Doug for being so patient with her although she feels she hasn’t made it easy. She also  tells him that it means a lot that he is so forgiving. Doug, then, surprises Jamie and tells her that because he feels like they are moving in the right direction that he is open to fostering a new pup!! How exciting for Jamie and Doug! I can’t wait to see what happens next week for these two; I see it getting better and better!!!


Cortney & Jason 
So, Jason finally gets to see his half-sister for the first time in 18 years. You can see that he is so nervous as he is waiting in the coffee shop to meet her. As soon as she walks in, Jason has a huge smile on his face and you can see that he’s so excited to see her again. They sit down and talk for a little while and reminisce over times spent with Jason’s mom. Jason asks if his half-sister remembers spending time with his mother and she says she does and that she would teach her how to make so many things out of pipe cleaners. This makes Jason laugh and you can see a weight of stress and sadness is lifted off of Jason as soon as he meets her. They talk about their father, and neither of them have seen him. I like that his half-sister says that it’s a good and bad thing. She reassures him that they grew up with amazing role models and that someone from up above must be pulling strings for them to have met.
They have been looking for each other for so long. I think that everything happens for a reason and that their journey to finding each other was perfectly timed. It’s crazy how the universe works, but I’m a strong believer that things don’t just “happen that way.” Jason’s half-sister brings a lot of surprises. Jason is an uncle and so excited to be! Jason seems so relieved to know that he has family in New York with him. My heart literally warmed up watching this moment happen for Jason.
As soon as Jason gets home, Cortney is waiting to hear what happened during Jason’s meeting with his half-sister. Cortney is elated for him and Jason can’t wait to introduce his sister to his wife. Later, Jason meets Neph for dinner to discuss his meeting with his half-sister. Neph is really supportive of Jason finding her. Neph also tells Jason that Cortney brings out the best in Jason and that she has proved to be the “perfect wife” for him. I couldn’t agree more! They were meant to be in every way! Jason, then, reveals that he wants to be able to get down on one knee and propose to Cortney and that he has been saving up in his personal checking account to do so. He says that he wants Curtney to have the experience of a man getting on one knee to pop the question and, at the same time, he wants to experience asking! Seriously, romantic!
Later at the apartment, Jason and Cortney begin to discuss finances. Both Jason and Courtney want a bigger place and decide to save up so that they can get the place they really want to live in and start a family. They look for apartments online and they find one for rent at a decent price and Cortney decides to meet the owner the next day to see the place.
Later on…It’s that time of the month again for Jason and Cortney: bill time! Always such a stressful time and it can be super stressful on couples. I only know this from working in the bank for so long. A common complaint I would hear from a husband or wife was that one or the other doesn’t save well or spends too much. This can cause serious issues in a marriage. Jason and Cortney are discussing their bills and the topic of their joint/personal checking accounts comes up. I know I, personally, couldn’t wait to get married and have an account with my husband. It’s like it makes it “official,” in some way, that you’re together. I know that can sound funny, but it really cements the marriage in a way. Up to this point, Jason has kept a personal account and Cortney has kept a personal account, but Jason has access to hers. They also have a joint account for bills. Cortney wants to merge the accounts and Jason agrees to put more money in the joint account. Some time goes by and somehow Jason’s check doesn’t make it into their joint account, although he has used mobile deposit to put it in the account. Words are said and an argument begins. A lot of things are said and the situation becomes inflamed.
At the end of the day, these two really love each other. As I’m watching, I can see why things escalated. I see things that would’ve upset me too, if I was Cortney. I also see things that would make Jason get upset. This is just life, people! No relationship is perfect and to be honest, this argument is totally normal! Most of us just have them behind closed doors. Let’s be real here. They both reacted the way that any couple in a disagreement would have reacted. Maybe they didn’t say the same things, or feel the same way, but they both were hurt. I’m glad to see them being so vulnerable. That proves that this relationship is real!  Its ok, disagreements are going to happen. It’s how you resolve them that matters! Much love for these two. Ten dollars says they’re back on point next Tuesday. Just watch!
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