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Inmates Trying To Expose Teresa With Jacqueline? Exclusive Details

Say What?

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has been out of prison for a while and even wrote a memoir about it. Now, though, Radar Online is reporting that some of Giudice’s former inmates are trying to expose her and have reached out to Jacqueline Laurita to do so. Want details?

Inmates To Expose Teresa With Jacqueline? Exclusive Details

A source told Radar that, “Teresa’s former inmates are threatening to write a book about Teresa’s lies and want to expose all of them.”

The insider continued, detailing that, “She basically ratted on her inmates in the book about them having sex and doing other stuff they shouldn’t be doing. The inmates are saying Teresa lied in her book.”

What’s more is the insider revealed that, “They have been getting in touch with Jacqueline because they are upset by Teresa’s lies in her book. And they have been talking crap about Teresa.”

Jacqueline let everyone know the day before the finale filmed that this was happening in a way to stick it up Teresa’s butt,” the source added.

“This is why Teresa lost it on Friday during filming,” they also stated. “Basically Jacqueline told the other cast members that the inmates have been contacting her and this caused Teresa to freak out.”

The source also detailed that “the Danbury inmates are enraged with Teresa” and are hoping Laurita could help them expose her secrets.

“They are saying they want to come out and make a statement and band together and say how she lied about what went on in prison,” they added. “They feel very betrayed by Teresa.”

We reached out to multiple sources we have and were informed that any current inmates would have to make a special request to be allowed to contact someone from the outside and someone from the outside cannot just contact inmates randomly.

Also, we were able to confirm that this was not part of the finale in terms of something that was discussed.

Stay tuned as we learn more details.

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