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Craig & Brandon Have Ramotional Run In With Ramona Singer Exclusive

A Ramotional Run In!

We adore Newlyweds: The First Year stars Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati who we have previously spoken to before. Recently, the pair had a run in with Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer. While they were excited to meet her, we have learned that their experience with her was less than pleasant. Read on for details.

Craig Ramsay Brandon Liberati Ramona Singer Run In Exclusive

Liberati exclusively explained to us that, “Ramona Singer literally bumped into me. I turned around I said, ‘hi Ramona!’ She looked at me then literally looked me up and down and then she did a half smile and rolled her eyes.”

“I introduced myself and told her I had just had a show on Bravo,” he continued. “She rolled her eyes again- and literally looked like she had no clue there were any other shows on Bravo but hers– then she looked around and passed me and said, ‘that’s great.'”

“I kept going because I could tell she wanted nothing to do with me,” Liberati elaborated, “so told her I was on Bravo’s Newlyweds and this was my husband. She rolled her eyes again said, and I quote, ‘That’s cute, congratulations” while she was moving her hands like hurry up and shut up.”

“At this point Craig was turned around because he was so embarrassed for me,” Liberati wrapped with telling us. “I tapped him on the shoulder while she was standing there and with her in my face I said ‘she could give a shit about who I am or what I’m saying!’ and she walked away. Tragic! She looked good, though.”

The couple also hysterically re-enacted their run-in with Singer for us here:

Tell us- are you surprised to hear that Singer was unfriendly to Ramsay and Liberati? Sound off in the comments below.

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