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Kailyn and Jo Back Together? Kail’s Exclusive Response

Exclusive Response!

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry recently reacted in a positive manner to ex Jo Rivera getting engaged to Vee Torres. This past weekend, Lowry appeared with Rivera at the MTV Movie Awards and people immediately began spreading rumors that Lowry wanted him back due to her appearing with him/attending the MTV Movie Awards with him. We spoke exclusively to Lowry about this. Read on to see what she told us.

 Kailyn and Jo Back Together? Kail’s Exclusive Response

“Only the original cast was invited,” Lowry explained of the Movie Awards. “We didn’t know anyone else, so it made sense for us to hang out.”

“While you are watching some things that happened in the past unfold on the show now,” Lowry continued, “Jo and I are in a good place as friends.”

I look forward to his and Vee’s marriage and am so happy for them,” she wrapped with telling us.

Now this rumor can definitely be put to bed.

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