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Kailyn Lowry Talks Her Miscarriage

So Sad!

Last night on Teen Mom 2, fans watched as Kailyn Lowry bravely shared that she had a miscarriage. On the after show, she opened up about it more. What did she say?

Kailyn Lowry Miscarriage After Show Comment

“This whole season is so emotional for me,” Lowry explained, “and it’s just crazy because people think I don’t have feelings. This season I opened up so much and it’s all coming back.”

She further elaborated, saying, “I mean it- it’s like once I was feeling better and healed, it was coming in waves, my emotions… I thought I was in a place where I was okay, but now I have to relive it.”

“I know people just want to help or share their stories or their experiences,” she wrapped with saying, “but sometimes it just feels so fresh like it just happened.”
Our thoughts are definitely with Lowry as this is a horrific experience for any human being to endure. Again, we applaud her bravery for sharing her story.

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