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Sam Role Talks Bride and Prejudice Episode 4

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We are so thrilled to have Married At First Sight‘s Sam Role blogging Married At First Sight: The First Year and Bride and Prejudice for us. Here is Sam’s latest blog on episode 4 of Bride and Prejudice.

Bride and Prejudice Episode 4 Sam Role Exclusive

Briana & Adam


Adam and Ashlyn are finally meeting to discuss how Ashlyn feels about Adam. Adam is truly in love with Briana and wants Ashlyn to be at the wedding for Briana.This is a good man.The way Ashlyn’s been treating him due to the color of his skin would make me say, “I’m done trying.” Not Adam, he’s resilient.  That man does not give up easily and it’s a breath of fresh air.  He is fighting for his woman’s happiness. Ignorance is not an easy thing to fight. Many people know this.You go Adam!!  
After Ashlyn and Adam finish eating, Adam asks Ashlyn, on a scale of 1 to 10, where she would rank her feelings towards him. Ashlyn responds with a 2! Adam, then, asks for a hug and Ashlyn is reluctant to do anything but shake his hand. Adam just jumps in and tries to hug Ashlyn and Ashlyn allows him to give her a side hug. Adam is happy with even getting to the point where Ashlyn would get that close to him and that she has moved him from a 1 to a 2 when it comes to how she feels about him.  
After Adam and Ashlyn meet, it’s time to prepare for the presentation that Briana and Adam will be giving to their families to explain the layout of the wedding. Briana is so nervous. She asks Adam to get up and help her present the wedding plans to their families. Adam is reluctant to help because he is unsure of what he is presenting. I feel bad for Briana because she isn’t getting any help from her “maid of honor” (who’s not being so honorable) and Adam isn’t getting up to help either. I don’t care what race, religion, or sex you are- planning a marriage is stressful! In fact, I think the term ‘stressful’ is an understatement for how the pressure of planning a wedding makes you feel. I can’t imagine doing it without my best friend either. Ashlyn doesn’t show up to support Briana during the presentation and Briana feels like Adam isn’t really “present.” This poor girl just can’t win. I know that Adam isn’t trying to upset her, it’s just what happened. I’m sure that he would take it back if he could. Poor Briana is now wondering what the heck happened when Adam and Ashlyn went to eat. What would cause her best friend/cousin to be MIA at her rehearsal dinner? Briana asks Adam what happened when they went to eat. Adam explains that he thought things went as well as they could. I agree, things really did go as well as they could with someone who is too stubborn to change how they feel. I wish I could help Briana with her wedding. I’m watching her drown in a sea of wedding planning and lack of support from family and friends. 
On the way home, Briana and Adam have an argument in the car. Adam knows that Briana feels stressed out even more because Ashlyn was a no-show and isn’t helping her with one of the most important days of her life. Briana breaks down and tells Adam that she wants him to be more involved in the planning of the wedding. Adam admits that he hasn’t really been able to be involved as much as he would have wanted to be because he has been busy working. Briana just wants the wedding to go off without a hitch and who can blame her? Something tells me that maybe things didn’t go as smoothly as Briana wanted, but that everything that she and Adam have gone through will be more than worth the fight!
Lou & Chris
Last week, this couple left off with Lou speaking with Chris’ mom, Tammy, and Chris and Lou making up after their argument. Lou and Chris invite Tammy and some of their friends to a lunch date so that Tammy can get to know his friends and get a little more comfortable accepting that her son is gay and is going to marry a man. At the lunch, Lou tells Tammy how he felt when she was being rude when they last met. When Lou and Tammy last met Tammy laughed at Lou when he stated that he was going to be Chris’ husband. Tammy doesn’t think that she was rude and actually apologizes for making Lou feel like she was being rude. Personally, I thought the laugh was kind of mean, but what do I know? Tammy tells Lou that the next time he feels a certain way, that she wants him to reach out to her and let her know. Lou is quick to tell her that he attempted to reach her through text, but that she wasn’t having anything to do with it. Tammy tells Lou that he should’ve called her. Lou was trying to be careful with the time difference of 3 hours. How can you expect Lou to call Chris’ mom to discuss anything when she laughed in his face the last time?! I was so hurt for Lou when she laughed. It was like a slap in the face.
Chris isn’t saying much at the table and I can understand his pain. He’s looking at the man he loves battling with the woman that raised him. That’s putting a person between a rock and a hard place! I can see why Lou wants to be defended though. It’s all just going to take some time, my friends. I feel my boo Lou, but I also feel Chris. I don’t know how I would handle that situation. Lou has to walk away to calm down. Sometimes it’s better that you step away and breathe before you say something you regret.  
When Lou returns, Tammy breaks down and realizes that Lou is as emotional as she is and she’s finally starting to see and feel that this relationship is real. Tammy begins to sob and tells Lou that she loves him and that she is going to be the best mother-in-law to Lou. Lou asks Tammy for a hug and it makes me smile! I’m just so glad that these two had a breakthrough and finally communicated! Such progress! 
Now, we need to get dad on board. It pains me so much that Chris isn’t being supported by his father. Any child that has a father, whether it’s a stepdad or biological, needs that person in their life to support them, especially a man. I don’t care if his son is gay; it’s his son, his flesh and blood, his baby, the child he raised. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their beliefs, but I think that when you have a child, your opinions and beliefs around sexual orientation shouldn’t be imposed on your children. I’m a huge believer that people are born feeling the way they feel about their sexual orientation.  There’s no brain washing, television show, or anything like that, that can influence how someone feels about their sexual orientation. Just my beliefs.   
It’s the day before the weddings and Chris and Lou are doing the walk-through of the venue. All the family members are there except Chris’ dad and brothers. Tammy’s there and I’m so proud of her for opening her mind and heart and trying to be accepting of her son’s decision to marry a man. It’s nice to see that she really is turning a new leaf. Lou’s family is there to support Chris and Lou. The venue is in an airplane hangar— a pretty awesome concept, but its summertime and it’s a little hot outside. People are grumbling about the heat and Lou is quite stressed, as is Chris.  
Financially, Chris’ family isn’t helping to support the wedding. It wouldn’t be a big deal if his parents hadn’t dropped a few stacks on his sister’s wedding— BUT she married a man. Because of all the different elements of stress, Lou has a mild meltdown and gets upset that people are complaining about the heat.I love Lou, but I think it was also the weight of the wedding that caused him to react the way he did. I had a short time to plan my wedding and I was being asked questions left and right and I didn’t even know the man I was marrying. I felt like the planning of the wedding was more stressful than marrying a stranger! Anyone who has planned a wedding can tell you that it’s super stressful! Lou and Chris have a spat and Lou leaves, but again, look at all the pressures involved in this wedding arraignment. Chris says he isn’t sure about the wedding anymore. I believe that, again, it’s the stress. A wedding is a wedding and they are a pain in the a** to plan, but so worth it in the end! They’ve got this!
Eugene & Samantha
Samantha tells Eugene that she is willing to consider converting to make Eugene’s family happy. Samantha goes to see a rabbi and the rabbi begins to ask Samantha questions about why she wants to convert. Samantha answers honestly and alludes to the fact that she would want to convert to make Eugene and his family happy. The rabbi asks Samantha if she knows the percentage of Jewish people in the world. Samantha guesses and says 15%, but the rabbi tells her that actually only 1/3 of 1% of people are Jewish in the world. The rabbi, then, tells Samantha that he doesn’t do “Mickey Mouse conversions” and that she doesn’t have to be Jewish in order to be a good person. I really respect the rabbi for saying these things to Samantha.  Samantha shouldn’t be converting to a religion that she doesn’t feel in her heart. Converting to Judaism isn’t just something you decide to do and then go to temple and become Jewish. Converting takes a lot of studying and practice. You must study the Torah and learn Hebrew and really practice the religion.  It’s about the Jewish soul, not just the claim of being Jewish. It’s not something that Jewish people take lightly. It’s truly in our soul; much like other religions, as well, I’m sure. After having this discussion with the rabbi, Samantha decides that, at this time, she does not want to convert. She’s not ready.  You go girl! Be true to you. I’m so proud of her for not just doing what would make others happy. Now, how does she break the news to Eugene?  
Samantha plans a massage for her and Eugene to attend before they discuss the outcome of her meeting with the rabbi. As soon as the massage is over, Samantha breaks the news to Eugene that she doesn’t feel comfortable converting in this moment and Eugene is a complete gentleman and kind soul about it. Of course, he’s disappointed, but he’s just appreciative that she even met with the rabbi and considered converting.That, my friends, is a great man! Samantha, hold on to Eugene cause he’s truly amazing!
Next, Samantha and Eugene go to the venue for the rehearsal and the families are there ready to go…except Eugene’s brother, Alex. Because Samantha has decided not to convert, they had to change rabbis. Their rabbi doesn’t do interfaith marriages so they had to reach out to another one.  Eugene’s mom and dad are thrown off and are wondering what happened to their rabbi. Samantha’s dad asks if she decided to convert. Samantha breaks the news in front of Eugene’s parents, the rabbi, and her family, that she does not want to convert at this time. Of course, Eugene’s mom is disappointed, but she doesn’t let it ruin the day or the walk-through of the rehearsal.  
Alex is tardy to the party. Sadly, I’m not surprised. Even with Eugene’s parents getting on board, Alex can’t get over his beliefs that Eugene is making a mistake. Not only that, but Alex is rude enough to judge the rabbi because she’s a woman! Wow Alex! So, now even female Jewish rabbis aren’t good enough for you? Really? Talk about ignorance at its finest. I seriously can’t with this guy. He says she “doesn’t look like a rabbi” and he’s not sure if the next time that he comes to the wedding, if it will be a “witch doctor” marrying his brother to Samantha. WOW, wow, wow! The audacity of this boy, and I say “boy” because to me, he isn’t a man. He’s throwing a temper tantrum. He might as well throw his arms down to the side of his body and scream “I don’t wanna!!” like any child would do. Luckily, Eugene’s family is just happy that Nate is going to have a family, and they hope that one day Samantha will reconsider and convert. Eugene’s mom gives Samantha and Eugene a big hug and it was so sincere and beautiful! I know that her son’s marriage isn’t the way that she wanted it, but she doesn’t care enough to let it stop her from being supportive of her son, her soon to be daughter-in-law, and her grandchild. 
Alex tells Eugene that he should have a back-up plan in the event that he doesn’t make it to the wedding and Eugene responds by telling him that he better have a back-up plan for having a brother. Eugene tells him that he has a best man as a back-up and Alex has the nerve to tell Eugene that it was wrong of him to have a back-up for him. Eugene tells him that it’s wrong of Alex to be the way he is with him right now and walks away. YOU GO EUGENE!!!!!!  Bye Felicia!
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