RHOP Season 2

RHOP Season 2 Entire Cast To Be Invited Back Exclusive

All Set To Return!

Yesterday, we were thrilled to see Bravo officially announce that The Real Housewives of Potomac would be making a return for a second season. While the news was unsurprising due to the huge numbers the premiere drew in, it was still nice to get an official confirmation from the network. Now, we have exclusively learned that the entire cast is expected to come back. Read on for details.

RHOP Season 2 Entire Cast To Be Invited Back Exclusive

A source close to production told us that, “As far as each of the women know, they are being invited back.”

“While there were casting notices put out,” the insider continued, “it is likely that Bravo would only add someone to the group, not take anyone away.”

Each of the women bring something to this show in their own way, and even the more timid of the bunch will likely show more in season two,” the source added.

We are definitely excited to see this show return as we enjoyed it and look forward to seeing each of the women grace our screens once again.

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