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Leeanne Locken- Brandi Has No Fear To Play With Me Exclusive

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Last week, we got the opportunity to talk with Real Housewives of Dallas star Leeanne Locken for an extensive hour-long conversation. Over the next few days, we will be releasing parts of the conversation. In the first part below, Locken talked about her turbulent relationship with costars Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. What did she specifically have to say?

Leeanne Locken Brandi Has No Fear To Play With Me Exclusive

She (Brandi) says all the time (we’ve known each other/met before),” Locken explained to us. “I swear to you there are people in the charity world that go out as much as I do. I said (to two friends in the charity world) I know I’m 48 and slightly hoo hoo, but have we ever- do you remember ever (meeting Brandi). One of them said, ‘Leeanne, if we ever met another redhead, don’t you think I’d remember that?’”

I don’t care what they (Stephanie and Brandi) think because they don’t matter in my world,” Locken continued. “I don’t need a lot of new friends.”

When asked if she thinks they’re jealous of her, Locken stated that, “I don’t want to call it (jealousy). I hate that term,. That’s one of the terms that has been in my vocabulary and spoken to me since I was in elementary school… So many people would rather focus on what someone else has or someone else does. I don’t want to call them jealous because I don’t think that they are. I think they don’t understand.”

“It’s about living a life big enough that you have had enough experiences to truly understand where the other person is coming from,” she continued. “I was really blessed to have a really full life. I don’t want to say they’re jealous because I don’t want to believe that about them. 100% (they misunderstand me). If you watch the show- and give me a few episodes for you to get to know me and get to listen with your heart and not your head to my story- you will understand why. To this day, those two don’t want to listen with their heart.”

“It’s easier for them to grasp on to what’s being whispered in their ear than to stop- Brandi, I will say this, tries much harder than Stephanie,” she added.

Although it’s clear there’s a lot of drama, Locken did have some positive things to say about Redmond, detailing that, “Brandi is a beautiful christian. She re-tweets the bible. She lives her life as a life of forgiveness. She really does want and tries to be the best christian she can be. Are any of us perfect at being christian? No. She really does try… She is a really funny person. Her impersonation of me is hilarious. She nails me 100%… I really like Brandi… ”

“Let’s face it,” Lockene elaborated, “Housewives is a match. It’s a lot like a tennis match. If I’m gonna get in the game to play with someone, you’re gonna have to play with me. Brandi has no fear to get in that ring and play with me. And I love that about her.”

Stay tuned for more of our exclusive conversation with Locken that will be unveiled in the coming days.

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