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Ashlee from “Dance Moms” Tells ALL! EXCLUSIVE Interview

Exclusive Interview!

This season of Dance Moms has been the craziest yet, where unexpected things happen at every turn. From Abby’s multiple breakdowns to veteran cast members leaving the team, we saw it all this season! When Ashlee Allen and her daughter Brynn joined the cast of the hit lifetime show this season, they really shook up the cast of veteran Moms and Daughters. Ashlee’s dynamic personality and her strength to stand up for her daughter no matter what, really rubbed the Moms the wrong way. Now that Brynn has officially become an official member of the ALDC Elite Competition Team and with the Ziegler girls leaving the show after the mid-season finale, the ALDC will never be the same. What really goes down at the ALDC LA and what does Ashlee think of the crazy drama this season? Find out in our exclusive tell-all interview with Ashlee below!

Ashlee Allen Dance Moms Exclusive Interview

Q: Why did you decide to re-join the cast of Dance Moms for season 6?

A: “The whole reason we were called to come back in the first place was because Maddie was filming a movie for the first few weeks and they needed a fill in. I think it was really good that I had been there in season 5 for a couple weeks, because nothing can really mentally prepare you for that kind of environment. Until you’ve lived it, it’s hard to describe it to someone else. It’s not always negative, but the underlying theme is that you have these cute girls that despite their sometimes crazy moms and dance teacher, rise above it all and are successful every week. In my opinion, I think that’s what viewers fell in love with. It’s a great growing experience for both Brynn and I and I definitely welcomed the opportunity to come back again.”


Q: Where did this feud with Jill (and the other Moms) come from?

A: “I think what’s really real for the cast members that are there is that they feel like they’ve built this following, their blood sweat and tears to make the team good.  They really don’t like it when someone comes in and benefits from that.  The only thing I could have done to avoid that conflict was to go home with my tail between my legs, but that’s really not my style.  Jill’s real knee jerk reaction to having us on the team was ultimately protecting Kendall because she felt that Kendall had spent so much time doing this, and for someone else to walk in and take that away from her, that was really hard for her.  I can’t say I blame her for that.”


Q: What really happened the day that Jill yelled at Brynn? Was there more going on?

A: “You would think there was, but there really wasn’t. She was really trying to make a point that this was her territory.  At this point in time, the whole thing has mostly calmed down.  At that moment I was really caught off guard and so was Brynn.”


Q: What did you think of the mini team?

A: “I actually loved the mini team. I think the kids were really cute! I thought the Moms were OK. I love Sari Lopez and Ari… she’s a friend, and I like her a lot.  The other ones seemed like they weren’t there for the right reasons, like the Moms want to be there more then the kids, you know??  In general though I really like the mini team.”


Q: Were you surprised when Abby had a breakdown and basically resigned? What actually happened?

A: “At that time I honestly didn’t know Abby very well. I kind of kept my distance from her at that point. I think in general when anyone has something that huge going on in their life, everyone needs time to just shut down and regroup. I spent a lot of time with Abby in Europe recently, and I actually really like Abby. She genuinely cares about the kids and I think any personal problems she’s having is all pretty petty stuff.  At this moment Abby is doing well and I think she is through the hard part.”


Q: You have a lot of history with Kira, what happened with you guys?

A: “Kira and I were friends before the show for years.  She did a few shady things that may have gotten me a little fired up, but things are fine now.  You have to let things go on this team or you won’t survive.”


Q: A lot of the Moms have given ultimatums and basically said that it’s either them or you (even though they never leave), would you leave for any of these Moms and just let them win?

A: “Absolutely not, I don’t feel like anybody is entitled to success more than Brynn is.  Brynn has worked immensely hard to be the dancer she is, along with lots of attention and work from amazing teachers along the way.  Everyone has had their own pathway to get to this point, and just because they were in the right place at the right time, doesn’t make them more entitled to it. The truth is those ultimatums are stupid!  They don’t work.”


Q: When Kendall blew up on you, how did you feel? Did you expect her to get that involved and talk about you like that? Has Kendall apologized?

A: “Jill and Kendall had an audition they really wanted to go to and they were looking for a reason to get out of there. They used me as a scapegoat!  That was a total set up.  You can clearly see Jill telling Kendall that they have better places to be and then they quickly leave. Also, let me just say that I would never say something derogatory about a child when they’re standing right there. I’m actually the one that refuses to get involved in the negativity with the kids in the room. I never have and I never will…. that’s all I have to say about that.”


Q: What did you think about the return of Christy & Sarah? Did you recognize her?

A: “I knew she was coming out, but I never formally met her in person. I actually really like Christy and Sarah. I wish they could have stayed! The only thing that I was saying to her was that why would she be fighting for Brynn’s spot when Kalani wasn’t even there that week.”


Q: Would you return for another season?

A: “If there’s another season, we will definitely there. We’ve come so far and I wouldn’t quit after only one season.”


Q: Were you glad that Melissa finally came forward & said that her daughters wouldn’t be on the elite team next year? You were the one that originally called her out on it.

A: “It was a little silly that the whole world knew, yet Melissa wouldn’t fess up to the people she saw everyday.  We all knew for months.”


Q: Do you think Brynn will be “the new Maddie?”

A:  “Let’s be clear the term ‘New Maddie’ never came from Brynn or I.  However, since it was used a lot I like to see it more as the ‘new star’ or ‘new favorite.’  I want Brynn to be Brynn.  I think she will end up being known as just Brynn in the end.  I can see though with how we came onto the team, that term may or not be used for her.  To be honest I don’t really care for the term… it’s not something I would ever personally say about my own child, cause that would be really weird!”


Q: Brynn is very close with Kenzie, how did she take the news?

A:  “She is so so sad that Kenzie is leaving.  I also grew very fond of Kenzie.  She accepted Brynn with open arms and really single handedly made this season a great experience for Brynn.  You can’t help but love a kid that has that big of a heart to welcome this stranger onto her team and become best friends in such a short time.  Both of Melissa’s kids really did that with Brynn.  If anyone knew how sad I really was that they won’t be coming back they might be surprised.”

Q: Are you glad Melissa will be gone?

A: “Melissa wasn’t very nice to me sometimes, but her kids were great.  So that’s a double edged question.  I wish them the very best and I hope the Ziegler girls both go on to do BIG things.”

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