Jeremy Calvert’s Scenes With Leah Were Edited Exclusive

Edited Scenes!

Last night on Teen Mom 2, a dinner took place between Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert where it seemed like things went well and that the pair could possibly be rekindling a romance. We have exclusively learned via a source close to production that this couldn’t be further from the truth. What do we mean?

Jeremy Calvert Leah Messer Scenes Edited Exclusive

The dinner scene you saw on TV was complete BS,” the insider exclusively told us. “They tried to make it look like Jeremy and Leah were having a good time together when, in actuality, they had a bad fight that was cut out right before the part viewers got to see.”

And what about Jeremy wanting to rekindle things with Leah?

The insider dished that, “Jeremy has zero interest or intent in getting back with Leah.”

They further elaborated, detailing that, “As he made clear on the after show, he has only seen minor improvements in Leah. Furthermore, he is dating someone new and it’s a healthy relationship.”

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