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Leeanne Locken- I’m Not Giving The Haters Attention Exclusive

Bye, Haters!

Yesterday, we exclusively reported part of our conversation with Real Housewives of Dallas star Leeanne Locken, where she talked about her relationship with two of our costars. In another part of our conversation, we talked about how Locken deals with the haters, particularly on social media. What did she have to tell us?

Leeanne Locken RHOD Talks Haters Exclusive

I’m not giving any attention to the haters,” Locken exclusively told us. “I just don’t have time for it.”

I’m thrilled that they do what they do and sit in front of the computer an they are supporting the show by watching and I’m grateful for that, but I just don’t have time to- and I’m not going to defend who I am to anybody,” she continued. “I spent too much of my childhood feeling like I had to defend who I was.”

“At my age- which is 48- I’m willing to be all of it,” she added. “You want to call me the next Nene? Okay, great. I’ll be the next NeNe. I just- at this point- I just want to be me and I want to live my life and do what I can do.”

Tell us- what do you think about what Leeanne said? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned for more of our exclusive conversation with her.

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