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Sam Role Talks MAFS The First Year Season 3 Episode 5

Episode 5!

Married At First Sight star Sam Role has been blogging Married At First Sight: The First Year for us. Below is her blog on season 3, episode 5!

MAFS The First Year Season 3 Episode 5 Sam Role Blog Exlcusive

Jamie & Doug

Jamie and Doug’s relationship is consistently moving on an upward trajectory! This makes me smile. Jamie visits Dr. Lopp again and continues to progress in letting the past go as well as being able to open up and talk about it. She expresses to Dr. Lopp that she is upset because Doug hasn’t stayed true to his commitment of getting a new pup. Dr. Lopp give Jaime some great advise on how to speak with Doug on the topic as well as in general. Jamie is one amazing lady. I think that everyone walks a different path and Jamie hasn’t walked an easy one. She expresses that its hard for her to overlook small mistakes because of being let down so much in her life. I just need to give Jamie some credit here, she’s already letting down her guard. Its a BIG step for someone to go speak with a professional and admit their problems. I am so impressed with her courage. I know it must’ve been hard to raise her siblings as if they were her own children. Anyone could’ve broken down and crumbled and look at how far this amazing woman has come!! Kudos Jamie. You, darling, are are and inspiration to all people out there who are going through some of the same challenges. When Jamie comes home, Doug surprises her by letting her know that he has done some research on where to locate a new pup to foster. Immediately Jamie says that she didn’t give Doug enough credit. Doug also wants to make sure that Jamie knows that he is a man of his word. You go Doug!! Doug is such an amazing husband to Jamie and its so beautiful to watch. Jamie and Doug find a new pup to foster and Doug throws out the idea to name the new pup Foxy because they already have a pup named Lady. Jamie loves the idea! I do too!! Foxy lady, so freaking cute!! Both Doug and Jamie are so appreciative of each other and their growth. They are blossoming into such a power couple. Jamie decides to surprise Doug by selling her trailer that she raised her siblings in. The trailer really represented a lot of good and bad times for Jamie. Its like her safety net. I can totally understand why this trailer was so important and meaningful to her. Doug isn’t able to join Jamie to sell the trailer and Jamie understands that even though he isn’t there with her, that he supports her and she is happy with that. That shows growth on Jamie’s behalf! I want to give her a huge hug. Jamie meets her friend Dannie who has reached out to her to purchase the trailer. Jamie knows that its going to be hard to let the trailer go, but that the same comfort that it provided her and her siblings is now able to provide her friend with the same comfort. Its also a way for Jamie to prove to Doug that she has full faith in Doug and the marriage. This means so much to Doug. Doug goes to his parents house to visit while Jamie is away making the sale. Doug tells his mom about Jamie’s huge step of meeting with a therapist and she advises Doug to try and make it to some of Jamie’s sessions. She explains how supportive Doug’s dad was when she was going through therapy and it helped her grow. Doug agrees with his moms suggestion and I think he’s going to really make sure that he goes when he can. Doug is so proud of Jamie for seeing the therapist and for selling the trailer that he bakes her some goodies. When Jamie arrives Doug is in bed waiting for Jamie with the plate of cookies in the shape of, you guessed it, spoons. Both Jamie and Doug feel like they’re on the same age and that this is the happiest they have both felt in a while. Jamie is putting in so much work to make sure that Doug sees how committed she is. Doug is also putting in the same amount of effort to ensure that Jamie knows that he is there for her in every way. I feel like things are only getting better and better, like I predicted. These two are both in it to win it all the way and with that kind of commitment and teamwork they will be in it together forever. Marriage takes work and you can see that when both parties put in the effort that the only thing you will have is a successful marriage! Love you both- Jamie and Doug! Keep on being transparent and true to each other and the process!!


Cortney & Jason

Jason and Cortney are still upset with each other and they each go out with their friends in order to vent and get some friendly advice. Jason visits Neph and explains the previous argument with Cortney. Jason feels like it was a culmination of things that caused the argument to explode. I know what its like to hold things in and then let them out all at once. It can really take someone for a loop. Cortney goes out with a friend to take out some frustration by kickboxing. overall Cortney has a great conversation with her friend and gets some much needed girl time. When Cortney gets home she turns on the tv only to see that there is a huge fire in the city and she knows 100% that Jason is there and she begins to worry. She realizes that the last thing she told Jason was F you and she is so mad at herself for leaving things that way. She knows that with Jason’s line of business that he could possibly never make it back home. So I’m like Courtney in this respect. I hate leaving people on a bad note because you are never promised the next day and nothing is worth making that mistake only for something to happen where you can never take the words back. I always tell my mom and dad I love them before I leave them or hang up with them. I just don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I lost my first step dad in a freak car accident and then the loss of my grams made me realize that you never know when you will share your last moments together. Cortney calls Jason all night and unfortunately Jason cannot have his phone with him while he’s working so this just leaves Cortney wondering and worrying if F you will be the last thing Jason remembers his wife saying to him before he left. Jason calls Cortney the first chance he gets the next morning and they talk about meeting up and discussing the argument, but before they hang up Cortney tells Jason that out of anger she threw her wedding ring down the kitchen drain. This hurts Jason’s feelings but he doesn’t explode. Look, I know I’ve been so mad before that I have done foolish things. Sometimes we just don’t think before we do and we make mistakes when we react. Its human nature! I’m sure everyone has done something they really regretted when they got infuriated. Courtney admits what she did was stupid and “selfish and not worth it.” I know she was kicking herself for letting her anger get the best of her and I can see that she’s so mad at herself for doing it. Jason and Cortney meet and Jason tells Cortney he doesn’t feel appreciated at times and Cortney feels the same way. They have a very productive talk and by the end of it they are back to kissing and making up!   I knew they would!! I love how they can communicate through the tough times and they don’t hold it against each other. I know that Cortney says that they are the “worst examples of communication” but I disagree. I think a little space and time is a good thing when things get extremely heated. Sometimes, a grudge is what can kill a relationship. Your relationship wont always be perfect and when issues arise if one or both parties don’t forgive and forget then the issue will come up again and again. Not a fun or healthy cycle to go through. I have a feeling that these two will not have to deal with that! Jason tries to get the ring out of the drain but cant and they call a plumber. To no avail, the ring has been washed down the drain permanently. Both Jason and Cortney are so disappointed that the ring is gone. It was a symbol of how they met and it was the first thing Jason gave to Cortney. Cortney is so remorseful and admits that she’s the only one who can control her behavior. I love that Cortney is so quick to own her wrongs. It takes a big person to own their mistakes and sincerely apologize for them. I know that Cortney was seeing red when she put the ring down the drain, but it shows me how hurt she felt as well. I’m sure Jason was also extremely hurt, but we all react to anger differently. Mistakes happen and although the ring is a symbol of marriage, its not a symbol of their feelings towards each other. Their love and commitment for one another definitely wasn’t washed down the drain and thats whats going to make a happy marriage.

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