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Jim Marchese Arrested!

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There is shocking news for fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey breaking this morning. TMZ is reporting that Amber Marchese‘s husband, Jim, was arrested while in Los Angeles. Read on for details- and to see what Jim, who was released on bail, had to say about it.

Jim Marchese Arrested!

According to TMZ’s insiders who work in law enforcement, Jim and Amber had gotten on a Virgin America plane at LAX. Prior to departure, sources claim the police were called and were informed Jim was allegedly “grabbing Amber by the throat and threatening to hurt her.”

The insiders revealed that Jim was removed from the plane and booked for felony domestic violence.

However, something definitely sounds off with this details wise, as Amber followed him off the plane went and bailed him out.

TMZ caught up with Jim as he was walking out of the police station and he said, “We’re all good. You know, we’re all sleeping having a good time on the plane and I guess Virgin Atlantic wants to take care of my kids scholarship funds.”

In terms of what happened, Jim said, “Actually, we don’t know, but we leave it to the big boys over there. It’s all good. We had a great time. I love California. I’m definitely pressing charges. I’m pressing charges and I’m going to be filing civil litigation.”

Personally, we have met Jim and he has always been nothing but a gentlemen both to us, his kids, and his wife, so the report about what happened on the plane definitely sounds suspicious to us.

We will keep you posted as we learn more about this breaking story, so stay tuned.

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