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Married At First Sight star Sam Role has been blogging Married At First Sight: The First Year and Bride and Prejudice for us exclusively. What did she think of the season finale of Bride and Prejudice? Read below for her exclusive blog.

Bride and Prejudice Finale Sam Role Exclusive

Samantha & Eugene:

Ok, so this has been one emotional rollercoaster for this couple since the beginning. It’s finally almost time to get married. It’s one day before the wedding and Alex, Eugene’s brother, still isn’t on board with the wedding. Slowly, but surely, Eugene’s parents have given in to love. They gave in with help of a beautiful baby boy named Nate. Although Eugene’s family is starting to accept Samantha as their soon-to-be daughter-in-law, he is still having doubts.


Samantha knows that it’s extremely important that Alex is at the wedding, not only to Eugene but to her as well. Samantha isn’t really too concerned with the aesthetics of the wedding, but more the family that surrounds them on their special day. Eugene is so worried his brother won’t come to the wedding and Samantha feels that anxiety with him. Samantha is so patient and so sweet. Alex has been so mean and judgmental of her and she remains resilient as ever.


This woman has some tough skin. I don’t know that I would have the patience to continue to keep trying to get Alex to accept me. I give Samantha a lot of credit for being so kind, understanding, and supportive. Eugene decides to try and reach out to Alex several times the day before the wedding. Alex refuses to pick up the phone or text Eugene back so Eugene heads to Alex’s house.


He gets Alex to come outside and explains to him that he understands where he is coming from and isn’t trying to change his beliefs or views. Eugene respects his brother, but he wants him to be there with him on his wedding day. Clearly, roles should be reversed here and Alex should be the one apologizing and respecting Eugene’s wishes. Alex has been so selfish and disrespectful to both Eugene and Samantha the entire season.


Wedding day arrives and both Eugene and Samantha look amazing. Everything is going as planned until the wedding is supposed to begin. Eugene’s parents are about an hour late and Alex still doesn’t show up. The Rabbi has Samantha and Eugene sign the Ketubah as soon as Eugene’s parents arrive with Nate.


The signing of the Ketubah is a very special thing and the witnesses of the signing are the people who mean the most to you. The Ketubah is the traditional marriage contract in the Jewish religion. To be invited to witness the signing of the Ketubah is an honor. It’s sad that Alex isn’t there to witness this tradition, but it’s his loss.


The wedding begins and Samantha makes it to the Chuppah looking beautiful. Alex finally shows up before Samantha and Eugene can say their vows. Alex claims he came because he might as well, since the wedding was going to happen anyway. As soon as the couples are wed, Eugene’s mom tells Samantha and Eugene that she is so grateful that Samantha was willing to have a Jewish wedding. Before the night wraps up, Alex apologizes to Samantha. Yup, you heard me. Apologizes. I’m at a loss for words. I wanna give him a pat on the back and a kick in the butt at the same time!


This whole time, he has complained about these two getting married. My jaw dropped, as I’m sure that many of yours did as well! Alex even says that the Rabbi did great! I’m glad that Alex did what was right, but it’s a shame he missed out on so much. Alex finally owns up to the foolishness and pulls Samantha aside to sincerely apologize. I’m just glad he came around. This couple deserved this ending, much sooner than it came, but I’m so happy that they had all the family and friends that they wanted there. To Samantha and Eugene, mazel tov! Yasher koach!



Briana & Adam


Well, it’s one day before the wedding and Adam and Briana are still not on talking terms. Adam and Briana are both frustrated from what happened at the rehearsal dinner. Once Briana gets home, she walks into her room and says she’s “done.” I don’t think she’s done, I think she’s done wanting to fight or argue. Things look really shaky when Briana calls a couples counselor to help them discuss their relationship the day of the wedding. The couples counselor really does a great job of uncovering what is causing the tension between the both of them. Briana is extremely upset because Ashlyn hasn’t been there to be her support.


Both Briana and Adam know that communication is key to any relationship, but Briana tends to hold things in. What I’ve come to find out is that every couple has learning spurts to go through. What you learned from a previous relationship may not always apply in the next relationship. You have to learn each other in every aspect. Some people bring out the best in you and some bring out the worst. Either way, once you learn how the other operates then life becomes easy together. When you see elderly couples who are happily married, remember that it took them years to get there and that they are probably still learning about each other! I think that Briana and Adam will be okay once they realize that it may not always be easy, but that they’re in it to win it, no matter what!


Ok, I’m off of my soap box. So fast-forward to the wedding. It’s two hours before Briana and Adam are supposed to walk down the aisle and Adam knows Briana is extremely upset because her cousin Ashlyn still hasn’t shown up. He remembers what the counselor says and sends Ashlyn a photo in his tux to show her that it’s important that she’s there.


Still nothing.


I’m not surprised though. Is anyone, really? Ashlyn has proven time and time again that she is quite immature and ignorant. I guess all you need is faith, though. Briana is trying not to cry as she prepares to walk down the aisle, but she is disappointed in her cousin. Adam and Briana finally make it down the aisle and say some heartfelt and emotional vows to each other.


Then, Ashlyn finally arrives. The reverend asks the one question that, out of all the weddings, no one wants asked. You know, the one that asks “…if anyone is against these two getting married, speak now or forever hold your peace.” I’m just sitting on the edge of my seat watching Ashlyn, praying she says nothing.


For once, she does the right thing and keeps her opinions to herself. As the wedding ends, Adam goes to Ashlyn to thank her for coming and she refuses to talk to Adam other than to say she only came for Briana and not him. Guess what, it doesn’t matter anymore. They’re married. It’s official. Adam and Briana, I wish you both the best. I think you two are amazing and I’m so happy to see that your parents were supportive enough to come and be there with you on your special day. You both deserve the best!



Lou & Chris

So, this is my favorite couple of the season and watching their union was amazing. As you know, the Chris’ dad hasn’t been on board with his son’s choice to marry a man. At the rehearsal, Lou gets really upset with everyone griping over the heat. Lou leaves the venue early and Chris is left to finish up the preparations. When Chris gets home, he goes straight to Lou to talk to him about his reaction with his mother. Lou breaks down and explains he’s extremely tired and stressed due to the financial situation they are in with the wedding. Because of the stress, the guys decide to cancel the wedding dinner so they can get a little R&R.


The wedding day arrives and everything is gong well except that Chris’ dad and brothers have yet to arrive. Lou’s close family is there to assist in assuring everything is perfect! Chris is concerned, but hiding it well. Suddenly, Chris’ mother shows up and not that much later, so do his twin brothers. I’m so glad to see that his brothers finally came around.


The only family member to be on board from the beginning is Chris’ sister. I really commend her for that. She may not have felt comfortable with her brother’s decision, but she didn’t allow that to stop her from being there for both Lou and Chris. It took a while for Chris’ mom to come around, but I’m glad that she finally did. Chris’ brothers haven’t been around that much, but they apologize for not joining the guys during the bachelor party and seem happy to be there for their brother. This union has probably been one of the hardest to watch because Chris’ parents were so unsupportive and although Chris’ mom slowly comes around, Chris’ dad never does.


Well, maybe not never.


Chris’ mom still has no idea where his father is and they continue to move forward with the wedding. Lou and Chris walk down the aisle and to Chris, Lou, myself, and all the viewers’ surprise- Chris’ dad is sitting in the front row. I want to jump for joy, but at the same time, I wanna shake him for not giving in to his son’s decision sooner. But hey, he made it and that says a lot! Just when you think that the wedding couldn’t get any better, it does.


When the couple makes it to the wedding reception Chris’ mom and dad get up to give a speech. I thought his mom was going to say a few words but instead its Chris’ dad that has words to say. Chris’ dad gave a beautiful speech and I sincerely think Chris’ dad knew that he was really letting his little boy down by not being supportive of his marriage the whole time. I know that his dad has been insensitive and unsupportive this whole time, but I have to look at the positive here. His dad did such an amazing thing by coming and then topping it off by giving an amazing speech.


Chris and Lou have had so many ups and downs during this whole process, I’m so glad that on their wedding day, everything came together. What doesn’t kill you only makes you that much stronger. Chris and Lou, I’m elated that you guys stuck it through all of the hurdles in the road and I hope you have a life full of happiness and love together for a long, long time. If you guys could make it through this, you’ll make it though ANYTHING! Besitos to you both!!


AND to all of the couples- THANK YOU for being so vulnerable, honest, and true to you. We, as the viewers, appreciate you allowing us to watch your journey. All of you are an inspiration to many people going through the same thing. Always keep your head up and love who you are as well as who you are together!!!

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