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Amber Marchese Breaks Silence On Jim’s Arrest

Statement Released!

We were shocked earlier this week to see reports that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese‘s husband, Jim, was arrested. Now, Amber has broken her silence on what happened exclusively to Radar Online. What did she say?

Jim Marchese Arrest Amber Marchese Statement

Amber explained to Radar that, “Domestic violence is not a joke, and having my husband be accused of such a heinous act is not only hurtful but damaging personally, emotionally and professionally. I would never let myself be a victim of anything or anyone.”

“We were actually talking about hooking up and joining the mile high club,” she continued. “Some heavy PDA was involved, just the opposite of what certain people reported they saw. After that brief bit of fun between us we prepared for takeoff and I ordered a glass of white wine. I was peacefully sipping my wine and Jim was sleeping when we were asked to leave the plane.

She had more to say, detailing that, “Confused and scared, our first thoughts were ‘Did something happen to our kids???’ No explanations or answers were given to our questions and we were immediately separated.”

All I wanted was my husband Jim, so we could figure out what happened and how to help the authorities by answering any questions,” she continued explaining to Radar. “All Jim wanted was to make sure I was OK. We asked why we were being removed from the plane. We complied with everyone involved from the flight attendant to the authorities. Through this entire stressful situation, my husband was nothing but a gentleman and never once lost his composure.

To be crystal clear, there was no complaint of domestic violence, signs of distress or request for assistance made by myself and there was no wrongdoing by my husband,” she declared. “At no time did my husband ever choke me or threaten me in any way shape or form.”

“Jim and I have been married for 10 years and he has always treated me like gold and we have a beautiful relationship and a wonderful life,” she wrapped with saying. “Every relationship has flaws and we are not perfect BUT these reports are undeniably false and disgusting.”

As we had said in all of our coverage of the news, we have always found Jim to be extremely respectful of Amber and his family on all of our personal interactions with him. We are happy Amber cleared this up.

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