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Farrah’s Mom Loses It On Hawaii Trip Exclusive

Losing It!

As we have exclusively reported before, Teen Mom OG is currently taping it’s newest season. As we saw on social media, Farrah Abraham went on a trip to Hawaii with her family. A source in production confirmed to us that Farrah’s parents, Mike Abraham and Debra Danielson were there, and that since Mike brought his new girlfriend, there was a lot of drama. What do we mean?

Farrah Abraham Mom Loses It Hawaii Trip Exclusive

Debra completely lost it when Mike brought his new girlfriend,” a production source told us.
It created a ton of drama that the cameras picked up,” the insider continued. “To describe it in one word- I’d say- crazy.”
The source added that, “Michael and Debra haven’t been together in years, so it’s truly bizarre how she behaved. Furthermore, Michael has been around Debra when she’s had boyfriends, so it didn’t completely make sense.”
Also, the insider dished that, “Besides the Debra drama it was reported that Simon, Farrah’s on-again-off-again boyfriend was also there.”
That brought even more crazy relationship drama,” they wrapped with telling us.
Tell us- are you surprised to learn Debra lost it on the Hawaii trip? What about Simon being there? Sound off in the comments below.
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