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Ashley Darby- Karen and I Are Like Oil and Water Exclusive

Exclusive Interview!

Recently, we got the chance to speak extensively to Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby. During our conversation, we discussed everything from the reunion, to her co-stars, and more. In part 1, below, we talked about Karen Huger, who seemed to have a copious amount of issues with Darby during her first season on the show. What did Darby have to tell us? Read on to find out.

Ashley Darby Karen Huger And I Are Like Oil and Water

When asked about Huger, Darby told us, “Karen is 100% who you see all the time. So she I think had good intentions (with me) in the beginning. She and I did bond initially over our personalities. When she was younger, she was telling me stories about what she’d done… It was like we had all these things in common.”

I think that’s part of the problem as to why we grate each other’s gears so much,” Darby continued. “Karen is very steadfast and very, very headstrong. And so am I. I may be a little bit younger- or a lot younger than her- but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be myself. I think that just rubs her the wrong way a little bit. We’re like oil and water with that.”

So does Darby have hard feelings for her co-star? She revealed that, “I actually really like her. I like her insofar as talking about life. I do want to have  family. I do want kids. I do want to have a long relationship with my husband. All those things I admire.”

Karen is the most happily married- at least with longevity- on the cast,” Darby elaborated. “I feel like that’s something I can look up to.”

So will they get along better for the second season that Bravo recently confirmed? To that, Darby told us, “I will continue to do everything that I do, which I’m sure Karen is going to have some issue with in some capacity at some point in time, because that’s just the Karen Huger way. So, I mean, it’s gonna hit the fan at some point, but I think we’ll also have a fun time together.”

Darby also revealed she recently saw Huger and there was no bad blood, detailing that, “I just saw her the other day. I had gotten an email to come to a fashion show that she was being honored at. One of her friends is the designer and she sent me an email asking if I would come to the fashion show where Karen was going to be the guest of honor. I said sure. I’m all about supporting a female business and a small business. So I went, and there was no tension between Karen and I. I think it was all just very nice. I know we can co-exist.”

We love Potomac and certainly cannot wait for a second season to see what unfolds.

Stay tuned for more of our exclusive interview with Darby.

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