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Teresa Giudice Feuding With Kim D Exclusive

Feuding Friends!

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, one of Teresa Giudice‘s longest friends has been Kim DePaola, better known as “Kim D.” In Almost every season Kim D’s boutique Posche was featured on the show, with Posche’s fashion shows frequently being the epicenter of drama. Now, we have exclusively learned that the longtime friends are currently feuding. What led to the feud and why are they having issues? Read on for details.

Teresa Giudice Kim D Feuding Exclusive

According to a source close to the pair that we spoke with, “Kim and Teresa are not on the best of terms right now, as Kim has beef with Teresa.”

What led to the pair’s issues?

“When the Posche fashion show was taped for the upcoming seventh season of RHONJ,” the insider continued, “Teresa told Melissa that if she didn’t go, they wouldn’t tape the fashion show. She did this in an effort to try to show loyalty to Melissa’s store.”

“Cameras were still present at the fashion show regardless of Teresa not being there,” the soured added, “but it wasn’t cool of Teresa to do this to Kim as the pair have been longtime friends and Kim has always supported Teresa and been loyal to her for years. You just don’t do this to a friend who has always been there for you like Kim was for Teresa.”

The insider had more to spill, detailing that, “Kim was made aware of what went down and let Teresa know she knows. Teresa tried to reach out, but the two have not spoken as of yet.”

Last weekend, Kim had a birthday for herself in New Jersey and, due to the feud, the source confirms that Teresa was not on the guest list.

We will keep you posted on any further developments related to this.

Tell us- are you surprised to learn the longtime friends are now feuding? Sound off in the comments below.

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