Todd’s Granddaughter Chloe’s Mom Arrested! Exclusive

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It is no surprise to any Chrisley Knows Best fan that star Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie Chrisley have had primary custody of their granddaughter, Chloe, for some time now. This morning, we have exclusively learned that Chloe’s Mother, Angela Johnson, was arrested in Anderson County, South Carolina for medicaid fraud! Read on for details and to see the Chrisley family’s exclusive comment!

Todd Chrisley Granddaughter Mom Arrested Exclusive

According to what we have learned, Johnson had been claiming Chloe as a dependent so she could get medicaid benefits for over three years and now owes medicaid $20,000! 

This was clearly a foolish move, as it is nationally broadcast on Chrisley Knows Best that Todd and Julie have primary custody of Chloe and that she lives with them.

Via our research, we found out that Johnson does share custody with the Chrisley’s via a limited visitation basis, but that clearly would not allow for her to claim Chloe as a dependent.

In addition to the medicaid, we learned that Johnson also was claiming Chloe as a dependent to get food stamps, but entered into a plea bargain with that department.

Here is a copy of Johnson’s mugshot and charge:

Todd Chrisley Granddaughter Mom Arrested

When reaching out to the Chrisley family for a comment, they issued the following statement: “We have no knowledge of this and it doesn’t affect us personally.”

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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