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Teresa Giudice Facing New Legal Battle

Lawsuit Time!


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice just got out of her legal problems, but it seems she may be gearing up for another legal battle. What do we mean?

Teresa Giudice Bankruptcy Attorney Lawsuit Going Forward

According to NJ.com, a Morris County NJ Judge has ruled that Giudice can proceed with suing her bankruptcy attorney.
Giudice, according to the report, believes it is her bankruptcy attorney’s fault that she ended up in prison.

According to NJ.com, Giudice believes she was “financially unsophisticated” and blames her lawyer for leaving “rudimentary information” off of her bankruptcy filing that led to her being “exposed to criminal liability.” The translation of that is that she is blaming her bankruptcy lawyer for not guiding her correctly, alleging that is why she ended up behind bars.
NJ.com spoke to Giudice’s lawyer in this new suit, Carlos Guevas, who said that Giudice’s bankruptcy attorney is at fault for not telling the Giudice’s the feds had begun investigating them and not informing them they should retain a criminal attorney.

In addition, Cuevas alleges that had Giudice’s lawyer not made “very basic errors” she would not have had to endure what she did.

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