Brandi Glanville RHOBH Season 6 Reunion

Brandi Glanville Has Something To Say To Each RHOBH Woman!

Having Her Say!

Last night was the conclusion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. While the women duked out their issues with one another, one of our favorite parts was when Brandi Glanville made an appearance via a video and had something to say to each cast member. So what did she have to say?

Brandi Glanville RHOBH Season 6 Reunion Comments To Women

Host Andy Cohen introduced Glanville by claiming she was a “viewer” who had “so many opinions that she sent in a video.”

“Hey guys, I’m drinking wine, and no one can say a damn thing,” Glanville began.

“How’s it going?” she continued. “I’ve been watching you. It’s so amazing to be a viewer.”

Glanville then took time to address each woman, beginning by saying, “Kyle, you and I have had some fun times together. I have an odd soft spot for you because I know you can be good. You are one person when you’re around Vanderpump and you’re a completely other person when she’s not in your life and I like you when she’s not in your life.”

Katherine,” Glanville continued, “I like younger men too. Your husband’s hot. Good for you.

I want to say I’m sorry to Eileen,” she elaborated. “I really didn’t think you had it in you to man up and call BS on LVP. And your hair looks amazing this season. I don’t know who is doing it now but you need to get Rinna on that bandwagon.”

Glanville still had more say, claiming, “Rinna, the truth is you’re not bipolar. You’re just like seriously nuttier than squirrel shit. Batshit crazy. I’m so sick of you saying own your shit and deflect. You can’t say that anymore.”

I knew I loved Erika the second she called Lis a sniper from the side,” Glanville said of the newcomer. “She is on point. It only took me five years to figure that out. Like, literally knew in a second and read that bitch.”

The last person Glanville addressed was Lisa Vanderpump, her ex-BFF, stating, “Lisa Vanderpump. You are genius, obviously, at changing the narrative. You were unfortunately a puppeteer for me. You manipulated me. And I did do your dirty work for you and I’m sorry for that. And that will never happen again.

Cheers bitches,” Glanville wrapped with saying.

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