Leah Messer- I Don't Care If Corey Takes Another Breath

Biting Words!

On this coming week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, we see Leah Messer dealing with being served papers that Corey Simms filed to be the primary custodian of the twin daughters they share. In a released preview for the episode, we see Messer sit down and talk to her cousin about the situation, and she has some less than kind words to say about Simms. Want details?

Leah Messer Corey Simms Custody Battle Harsh Words

“Corey filed these papers,” Messer explains in the clip. “He turned around and filed an objection to be the primary custodian. I spoke to him after the hearing and everything was great. We were actually kind of communicating and I thought we were going to be able to co-parent the way we used to.”

Today I get his objection that West Virginia Law does not recognize joint custodian,” she continues. “Who cares? Why are you making a big deal out of nothing? I know plenty of parents who’s done joint custodian. To be civil.”
“If you’re both good parents, then there should be nothing wrong,” Messer adds. “Then he says that he should be the primary custodian because they live- or they go to school in his district and whatever else. No. Okay, I do everything, so maybe I should be the primary custodian.”
It’s a control thing,” she continues. “He jumps into this family lifestyle and feels like he’s the better parent. He’s the more stable parent. He needs them.”
I really hope that it comes to an end for my girls,” Messer adds.
Then, Messer shockingly says, “To do what he’s done to my kids, I don’t care if he takes another breath. All I can do is fight against it. That’s all I can do.”
Here is the clip:
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