MAFS The First Year Season 3 Finale

Sam Role’s Thoughts On MAFS The First Year Season 3 Finale Exclusive

Final(e) Thoughts!

Married At First Sight star Sam Role has been blogging this season of Married At First Sight: The First Year for us. What did she think of the finale? Read on to find out.

MAFS The First Year Season 3 Finale Sam Role Exclusive

Jamie & Doug

This has been a long season for this couple, but it’s been a productive and positive one! I am so amazed at all the changes both Jamie and Doug have made. Jamie has been able to tackle her fear of letting down her walls and Doug has also been able to open up even more. They can finally move forward in their amazingly wonderful marriage. Jamie and Doug have really grown so much this season. It leaves you wondering what more is to come.

In this finale episode, Jamie and Doug are really in this amazing place in their marriage. Jamie is really looking forward to starting a family with Doug. Doug is so happy with Jamie’s growth and commitment to the marriage. Before Jamie and Doug start hearing the sound of little feet pitter-pattering on the floor, Doug wants to complete a ‘pre-baby bucket list.’ In completing this list, they are only growing closer together.

One of Doug’s goals on his ‘pre-baby bucket list’ is to go skydiving. Jamie is completely terrified of skydiving, but is willing and excited to experience it with Doug. As the couple is headed to the jump, Jamie says that if she can marry a stranger, which is one of the scariest things you can do, then she can go skydiving. I totally agree with Jamie! I have gone skydiving twice and neither time was as scary as the moments of walking down the aisle to meet the man you are going to commit yourself to for the rest of your life. When Jamie made that comment, I said to myself, “she is so right!”

All goes well with Jamie and Doug’s tandem jump and on the way back, Jamie tells us that Doug said he is going to give her a baby and she is so excited! Doug seems super excited as well! The fun isn’t over for this couple, though. Doug’s birthday is soon approaching and Jamie has a safari birthday theme in store for Doug. Two of the last things that Doug wants to do before bringing a life into the world with his beautiful wife is to go swimming with sharks and go on a safari! Doug’s birthday comes and his parents and family gather to prepare for the party.

Once Doug arrives, he sees that the birthday is decorated like a safari and Jamie presents him with his birthday present. Jamie has planned a safari trip as well as a dive with sharks! The way that Jamie gives Doug the news is amazing. She created a scrapbook of sorts to show him how she planned the whole trip. Doug is so excited and thankful to be with someone like Jamie. I fall in love with this couple with every up and down they go through. I’m so proud of Jamie and Doug for working through so much! Either one of them could have given up, but they never did. Neither of them ever lost sight of the prize in mind–  a happy and long lasting marriage.

Marriage isn’t easy, but the fight is always worth it in the end. I’m so excited to see this couple continue to flourish and grow. I know that they will be together for a very long time. I want to give my best to the both of them. I love you guys and you are an inspiration to many, including myself!! Be proud of where you started, where you are now, and where you are going to go. Thank you for being so open with each other and us.


Cortney & Jason

Ahhhhhh… I’m so sad that I wont be able to tune into either of these couples for a while! Jeez, this has been an amazing ride for Cortney and Jason! Much like Doug and Jamie, there have been some ups and downs for this couple but it’s only made them that much better together. In the last episode, Jason surprises Cortney with a second honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Jason’s mom always talked about going to Hawaii and Jason felt it would be a great place to take Cortney. When they arrive they are greeted with leis and Cortney is told about the amazing room that Jason has booked for them.

They are staying in the presidential suite and it has 7 balconies! Amazing! I love seeing this couple grow and love each other. You can feel the emotion and passion that they have for one another while you watch. Cortney is speechless as they are walking through their suite. Jason is such a romantic and is so sweet to watch. After having a great day in Hawaii, they go to dinner and experience a little onstage dancing. These hula girls are no joke! I always wonder how they can swing their hips the way they do. Anyway, Jason and Cortney join in and it’s like Cortney falls in love all over again as she’s watching Jason onstage having a good time.

The couple still has some things to discuss from the last disagreement they had, but they’re not letting that ruin their time. Cortney and Jason take a stroll on the beach and they do an amazing exercise, which I believe is called Ho’oponopono. This is a Hawaiian tradition that helps you forgive and love. I love seeing Jason and Cortney doing this because it reminds me of when they got married. They were given homework to get to know each other and this is like a homework assignment that they chose to do on their own to mend the previous disagreement.

They both talk through their angst and frustration and come out on top! Jason still has some more in store for Cortney, though. Later, he tells her he’s going to the gym so he can plan her final surprise on the trip. Cortney wakes up to a knock on the door and a red envelope on the floor. Jason puts together a little scavenger hunt for Cortney to find him on the resort. Once she reaches the table where her darling husband is, she is just so excited and happy to be with him, and Jason walks her over to the sand where he has asked Cortney, in flowers on the sand, to take his last name. Then, he tops that moment off by getting on one knee and presenting her with a new ring! It’s almost like the perfect fairytale ending for these two.

I just love this couple and what they stand for. I love that Cortney and Jason are real and don’t hide how they feel in any way whatsoever. I have learned so much from these two. They only have bigger things coming to them in time. I am so happy and so lucky to have been able to get to know these couples. Jason and Cortney, I love you both very much and you guys are amazing! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two!! Thank you for letting us peer into a window of your lives.

We appreciate Sam blogging for us so much and hope you have enjoyed reading her blogs! Stay tuned for more from her in the future.

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